Croatia’s defence minister badly injured in fatal car crash

Mario Banozic’s condition is not life-threatening (AP)
Mario Banozic’s condition is not life-threatening (AP)

Croatia’s defence minister has been seriously injured in a car crash in which another person died, officials said.

The accident happened at around 6am on a road in eastern Croatia.

Minister Mario Banozic, 44, was driving a car that was in collision with a van, the Croatian government and state HRT television reported.

The van driver was killed in the crash.

“We are expressing our condolences to the family of the person who was killed,” government spokesman Marko Milic said on X.

Mr Milic added that Mr Banozic’s condition is not life-threatening, though he suffered serious injuries.

Doctors said he had head and brain contusions and remains under observation, but he is conscious.

The defence ministry’s statement said an investigation is under way to determine what happened.

The local Index news portal said Mr Banozic was apparently going hunting when he crashed.

Photos from the scene showed Mr Banozic’s crashed car turned on its side next to the badly damaged van on a rainy and foggy day.