McDonald’s apologises after security guard mops pavement around homeless man

McDonald’s aid it was ‘shocked and saddened” by the incident’ (Jonathan Brady/PA)
McDonald’s aid it was ‘shocked and saddened” by the incident’ (Jonathan Brady/PA)

McDonald’s has apologised after a security guard was filmed mopping the pavement where a homeless person was sitting.

Footage of the incident on Victoria Street in central London posted on social media showed the security guard soaking the ground where the man had been sitting with his sleeping bag outside a Nationwide bank branch, next door to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s said it was “shocked and saddened” by the incident.

In the video, the rough sleeper says “leave me alone” before one security guard kicks a blanket out of the way and splashes more water along the pavement.

Another security guard attempts to prevent a bystander from filming.

The person filming is heard saying “you’re covering his sleeping bag” while he and other witnesses describe the situation as “outrageous behaviour”, calling it “disgusting” and “bang out of order”.

The fast food chain said in a statement posted to X: “The third-party security guards involved have been permanently removed from our restaurants and the restaurant team has been reminded of the importance of treating all people with respect, including vulnerable people both in the restaurant and within the wider community.

“We would like to wholeheartedly apologise to the gentleman in the video and will work with the council to locate him and make amends as part of our ongoing work to support homelessness charities in & around the area.”