Key dates in Jermaine Baker case

Jermaine Baker (Family handout/PA)
Jermaine Baker (Family handout/PA) Jermaine Baker (Family handout/PA)

The firearms officer who shot Jermaine Baker more than seven years ago will face misconduct proceedings, a watchdog has announced.

Mr Baker, from Tottenham in north London, was killed during a Metropolitan Police operation that stopped a plot to snatch two prisoners from a van near Wood Green Crown Court in December 2015.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said the officer, known only as W80, will now face a gross misconduct hearing.

A Supreme Court ruling earlier this year said the officer could face misconduct proceedings following a lengthy legal battle.

Jermaine Baker
Jermaine Baker Jermaine Baker (Family handout/PA)

Here is a timeline of what has happened:

– December 11 2015

Jermaine Baker, 28, was shot dead by W80 during a Metropolitan Police operation.

The Met Police said the incident was referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) on the day of the incident.

– December 16 2015

Officer W80 was suspended from duty.

– December 23 2016

An IPCC investigation concluded there was a case for a gross misconduct hearing.

The case was also referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to determine whether any officers to do with the case should be charged with a criminal offence.

– June 14 2017

The CPS decided not to charge W80 or other officers with a criminal offence.

The Met Police said the officer’s suspension was lifted and they were allowed to return to work.

– March 19 2018

The IOPC, which used to be the IPCC, told the Met Police W80 should face gross misconduct proceedings.

– April 19 2018

The Met Police told the IOPC it disagreed that W80 should face gross misconduct proceedings and decided not to follow its recommendation.

– May 1 2018

The IOPC wrote to the Met Police and asked them to start disciplinary proceedings against W80.

– May 2018

W80 launched a legal challenge against the IOPC’s decision. The challenge went all the way to the Supreme Court.

– February 12 2020

The Home Secretary announced an independent inquiry to investigate how Mr Baker died.

– July 5 2022

The inquiry ruled Mr Baker was lawfully killed and W80 believed he had to shoot him to defend himself.

– September 9 2022

The Met Police contacted the IOPC inviting it to reconsider its decision following the inquiry.

– July 5 2023

A Supreme Court ruling said that there could be misconduct proceedings.

– September 29 2023

The IOPC told W80, the Met Police and Mr Baker’s family it is upholding its original decision.