There aren't that many schools, hospitals and libraries outside Dublin, says GB News Northern Ireland reporter

GB News’ Northern Ireland reporter Dougie Beattie has sparked outrage after making claims that there are not many schools and libraries and no motorways in the Republic of Ireland when you travel outside Dublin. 

In a broadcast entitled 'Ireland's Immigrant Issue,' Mr Beattie was tasked with speaking about migrants entering the UK without documentation via the border.

He claimed the Common Travel Area has been in existence since the 1970s and that it had been "reinforced in the Protocol talks in 2016".

Viewers were quick to point out that the Common Travel Area had been in place for decades longer and that there was no Protocol in 2016, therefore there could not have been any Protocol talks. 

Mr Beattie then went on to say: "Dublin is a truly magnificent European city that has come on leaps and bounds over many , many years. And now many immigrants are heading to the Republic of Ireland and staying there. And of course the infrastructure isn't that big. Once you go outside Dublin itself it is a bit like Kent or Sussex. The roads there are good but are not motorways. There are not many schools, libraries and housing is the biggest thing." 

Andrea Catherwood, a BBC Radio 4 broadcaster said: "Where to begin, the common travel area has been in place since the Free State in 1923, it only applies to British and Irish passport holders and has nothing to do with the protocol, as for Irish infrastructure, who is this guy?" 

David Gordon, a presenter on Downtown Radio added: "What total utter rubbish. Sad thing is, some folk will believe him. Has Dougie ever driven on the M50 around Dublin? Exits to motorways that will take you all over the country. There are 3104 primary schools; 727 post-primary and at least 70 third level (colleges/universities)."