Meredith Kercher family will never watch new Netflix film on Amanda Knox

Titled Amanda Knox, the documentary is now on Netflx
Titled Amanda Knox, the documentary is now on Netflx

THE sister of murdered Meredith Kercher said her family will never watch the new documentary about the killing - and have questioned why the two former prime suspects continue to talk about it.

Stephanie Kercher was speaking following the release of Amanda Knox, the Netflix film named after the American student who was convicted and imprisoned with then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito for the 2007 murder of Miss Kercher's sibling, a 21-year-old student from Surrey.

Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito were acquitted last year by Italy's highest court following appeals and retrials.

The documentary features interviews with Miss Knox - along with Mr Sollecito and Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini - in which she describes what it feels like to be wrongly convicted. Rudy Guede, a drug dealer, is serving a 16-year sentence over the death.

But the film has been criticised by Miss Kercher's sister.

She told the Daily Mail website: "Everyone seemed to say they wanted to try to rebuild their lives, including Knox and Sollecito, and yet we constantly see programmes and interviews. I don't understand why they want to keep reliving this nightmare.

"I guess it might seem contradictory me giving an interview criticising them and Netflix but if they so desperately want to find a way to move on with their lives as much as we are trying to, as hard as it is for all involved, I struggle to see why they participate? Surely they want to separate themselves from this tragic experience?

"I don't really understand what is the rationale behind the making of this documentary, I don't really know what the purpose of it is if it can't bring anything new to light."

She said details of the documentary have been passed on to the family by friends and supporters, including that it features particularly graphic crime scene footage.

Miss Kercher said: "That was pretty upsetting to hear because I don't see how that serves any purpose. So none of us watched it and I doubt any of us will."