What to expect on the General Election campaign trail on Thursday

The Green Party will launch its campaign in Bristol.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has pledged Labour would recruit more police officers
Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has pledged Labour would recruit more police officers (Victoria Jones/PA)

Parliament has been officially dissolved, meaning every seat in the House of Commons has become vacant. Here is your guide to the main developments in the General Election campaign on Thursday:

– Labour pledges to take back town centres

Labour is pledging to put 13,000 police and community support officers in neighbourhood roles and “take back our town centres”.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said she would run a “hands-on Home Office”. She is expected to visit South Yorkshire on Thursday.

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The party said its plans draw lessons from the last Labour government, but with a focus on new technology and data analysis, and said it has received backing from former police leaders.

The Conservatives dismissed the plan.

Policing minister Chris Philp said only 3,000 of the proposed new officers would be full time with the power of arrest, and 3,000 were officers the current Government has already recruited.

– Starmer heads to Wales

Sir Keir Starmer is expected to recommit to investing in the UK’s steel industry amid concerns about job losses at Port Talbot steelworks as he launches his party’s doorstep offer to Welsh voters.

He is also expected to promise to put Wales at the centre of his party’s plans for cleaner, cheaper energy and to work with the Welsh Government to cut NHS waiting times and recruit more teachers and police officers.

He will be joined by Welsh Labour leader Vaughan Gething, who is facing a confidence vote in the Welsh Senedd on June 5.

Welsh Conservative leader and Senedd member Andrew RT Davies said Sir Keir’s decision to campaign with Mr Gething was “a reflection of their equally poor judgment” and “should worry us all”.

– Greens to launch campaign

The Green Party will launch its campaign in Bristol and said it would set out “practical solutions” to the cost-of-living crisis, housing and the NHS, in addition to plans to clean up the UK’s toxic rivers and seas.

The party will commit to “offering real hope and real change” and said it hopes to elect four Members of Parliament on July 4.

– Mental health in schools

The Liberal Democrats say they would increase the Digital Services Tax and use the money to fund mental health care in schools.

Party leader Sir Ed Davey said children are being “left in limbo” when they seek mental health care.

Sir Ed will be campaigning in Somerset on Thursday.