This Is Rigged activists occupy Tesco Bank offices

Twelve campaigners sat they are holding a Christmas party in the foyer of the building in Glasgow.

This Is Rigged activists targeted Tesco Bank offices in Glasgow
This Is Rigged activists This Is Rigged activists targeted Tesco Bank offices in Glasgow

Climate change protesters have occupied the offices of a bank in Glasgow by holding a Christmas party in the foyer and are refusing to leave.

Twelve This Is Rigged activists entered Tesco Bank on Renfield Street at around 11am on Thursday.

They have refused to leave and unfurled a banner that reads: “Ken Murphy is the real Scrooge”.

Mr Murphy is the chief executive of Tesco.

Campaigners handed out cards reading “Merry Christmas from Kenbenezer Scrooge – wishing you a merry cost of living crisis! Tesco: very little help.”

The group says it is part of its sustained action targeting supermarkets to raise awareness of the impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on people.

One of those who took action was Hannah Bright, 22, a community worker based in Glasgow.

She said: “Supermarkets sell us this shiny ideal of Christmas that we can’t even afford… blatant greed and profiteering is unacceptable whatever the time of year.

“It is crucial that we stand by our communities and refuse to be at the mercy of cartoon villains like Ken Murphy who profit off of our misery.

“Food hubs would give us the dignity and basic security we all deserve – it’s the bare minimum, a warm space where any of us can access a meal.

“Until such time as we get these spaces, we’ll have to keep throwing our parties in a Tesco bank.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police were made aware of a protest at about 11.10am on Thursday.

“Officers are in attendance.”

A Tesco Bank spokesperson said: “The police are assisting us with an incident in the reception area of our Glasgow office.”