Squatters slowly filter out of Gordon Ramsay’s pub

Four squatters have left the Grade II listed building near Regent’s Park on Friday morning.

Squatters leaving the York & Albany pub near Regent’s Park
Squatters leaving the York & Albany pub near Regent’s Park (Lucy North/PA)

Squatters slowly emerged from a Gordon Ramsay pub on Friday after lawyers secured a High Court order for the possession of the premises.

Four people have so far left the premises after locking themselves into the York & Albany near Regent’s Park last week.

It is unclear if and how many people are still inside and the order paves the way for High Court enforcement officers to retake the occupied pub in the coming days.

On Friday morning squatters left the Grade II listed building two by two, with the first squatter to leave fist-bumping his friend before taking off on a bike.

The squatter group ran a cafe out of a Gordon Ramsay pub last week
The squatter group ran a cafe out of a Gordon Ramsay pub last week (Lucy North/PA)

The other squatter, dressed in a bucket hat, keffiyeh face covering and carrying a skateboard, left in the opposite direction on foot.

He refused to comment, saying he was busy eating a liquorice sweet, and later two more people left the building in silence.

On Thursday, lawyers for Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Limited (GRHI) were granted an order by Judge Simon Brown to retake the property.

The squatters included members of the Anarchist Association London Branch and the Camden Art Cafe.

In a post on Instagram, the Camden Art Cafe announced it would be leaving the premises but added: “We wish those left in the building the best of luck in their endeavours.”

The squatter group ran a cafe out of the pub last week, handing out free food and drink to “the people of Camden who have been victims of gentrification and parasitic projects like HS2″.

The former pub and hotel building is up for sale for £13 million following a protracted legal battle between the Hell’s Kitchen frontman and film director Gary Love.

The York & Albany is for sale for £13 million
The York & Albany is for sale for £13 million (Samuel Montgomery/PA)

In 2007, Mr Love bought the freehold to the premises and then leased the pub to Mr Ramsay on a 25-year term for an annual rent of £640,000.

The celebrity chef attempted to free himself from the lease in 2015 but was unsuccessful in the High Court.

Timothy Foot, representing GRHI, told the court that squatters had been served legal papers both via email and in physical form.

None of the people from the group attended the hearing and they were not represented by a lawyer.

Bedsheet banners were still draped from the balcony on Friday morning, reading “whatever they say, squatters will stay” and “squat the lot”.

A Squatters of London Action Paper had also been taped to the York & Albany’s gate, encouraging prospective illegal tenants to join their ranks.

The poster also spoke of “solidarity with Palestine” using flags and “beautiful banners” as a method of taunting police.

The Camden Art Cafe previously said on Instagram: “We extend our particular solidarity to the Palestinian people and the long-standing residents of Drummond and the surrounding estates who have had their whole lives upturned by HS2.”