Harvey 2 Old Trafford: Boy, eight, to take on 80-mile cycle to football clubs

The challenge will see Harvey Goodman, eight, cycle to football clubs including Everton and Liverpool.

Harvey is to take on a cycling challenge in May
Harvey is to take on a cycling challenge in May

An eight-year-old has expressed his excitement ahead of taking on an 80-mile cycling challenge to football clubs including Liverpool and Old Trafford to raise funds for bike sheds at his school.

Harvey Goodman is to start the cycle at his school – Stockton Heath Primary School in Warrington on May 4 before riding to Everton and Liverpool football clubs.

On May 5, he will cycle from his school to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, followed by Manchester United’s stadium – Old Trafford.

The cycle is to end at Old Trafford on May 5
The cycle is to end at Old Trafford on May 5

The avid Manchester United supporter will be joined by around 100 people including his mother Naiomi, friends and teachers at his school.

The eight-year-old who lives in Stockton Heath, Warrington, told the PA news agency he wanted to take on the cycle to “do something fun and exciting to help my school”.

“When I heard that some kids couldn’t bring their bikes because there’s nowhere safe to keep them, I knew I had to do something about it,” he added.

“I’ve been practising riding my bike every day to get ready for the challenge.

“The best part about this challenge is knowing that I’m helping my friends at school.

“When they see the new bike sheds, they’ll be so happy! It feels really good to make a difference.”

(from left to right) Spencer Bower, 8, Harvey Goodman, 8 and Freddie Cosgrove-Cousins, 7
(from left to right) Spencer Bower, 8, Harvey Goodman, 8 and Freddie Cosgrove-Cousins, 7

Ms Goodman, 30, a sales director, added: “We normally cycle to school anyway and knowing that the school need money to build more bike sheds, Harvey wanted to help make sure a lot more can cycle to school as well.

“If we hit our target of £5,000, then around 40 more children can cycle to school.”

Ms Goodman said the idea behind the football club ride came from the fact that Harvey and his friends are all football lovers and support the teams they are to cycle to.

“We were just trying to cover all bases so that when he put the invite out to the school, more people would join us,” she added.

Harvey is trying to raise money for new bike sheds at his school
Harvey is trying to raise money for new bike sheds at his school

The youngster has taken on several challenges in the past, including a walk from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool to Old Trafford in Greater Manchester, from April 1 to April 2, 2023, as his cousin Zak – who is now nine – has an aggressive form of cancer and has spent time there on-and-off over the years.

Zak, whose surname the family did not want to disclose, may join Harvey for his latest adventure.

“After the last fundraiser, Zak went into remission and was planning on doing the bike ride with us – however, unfortunately, the cancer has come back,” Ms Goodman said.

“He’s now back in Alder Hey and he’s having chemotherapy again, but he’s doing well, he’s fighting, and hopefully he can join us for a little bit of the bike ride.”

Harvey said he would be “really happy and excited” if Zak can join.

Harvey is to don a custom made Manchester United top with the words Harvey 2 Old Trafford on it for the challenge, and both Ms Goodman and Harvey said they hope football players will lend their support to the cause.

Harvey with his friends
Harvey with his friends

Harvey said he will be having a “big party” at the finish line.

Ms Goodman added: “We’ve got about 100 people meeting us at the finish line.

“Sammy McIlroy who used to play for United will come and meet us at the finish line again and potentially some other stars.”

Harvey has done several practice cycles alongside family and friends at locations including the Trans Pennine Trail towards Liverpool.

“I’ve been exploring new places on my bike during practice rides. It’s like going on mini adventures every day!” Harvey said.

“I like riding with my friends and pretending we’re on a big bike race. We cheer each other on and have a great time!”

Harvey said he is excited about the cycle
Harvey said he is excited about the cycle

Ms Goodman added: “Just over the Easter holidays, he’s cycled 180 miles, so he’s definitely put the work in and his little legs are ready now.”

He said he would advise other youngsters who would like to take on fundraising challenges to “stay positive, even when things get tough”.

“Remember why you started and keep going no matter what,” he added.

Pascale Harvie, president and general manager of JustGiving, said: “Harvey is such an inspiring and selfless young boy.

“At just eight years of age, Harvey has already raised over £35,000 through his charitable work and is now ready to take on his third gruelling challenge.

“From everyone at JustGiving we wish Harvey the very best of luck in his incredible 80-mile cycle.”

Harvey’s fundraising page can be found at