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Laura Whitmore ‘broken' by carrying around toddler daughter

Laura Whitmore says she has been doing reformer Pilates to build up her strength (Belinda Jiao/PA)
Laura Harding, PA Deputy Entertainment Editor

Laura Whitmore has said she is working on getting strong because carrying her young daughter around has “broken” her.

The Dublin-born TV star, 38, welcomed her first child with husband Iain Stirling in 2021.

The couple are very careful to shield their little one, now two, from the public eye and never share photographs of her face.

However, Whitmore has previously hinted at her name, when she shared a photo of one of her jackets with the name Stevie Re emblazoned across the back.

Whitmore, the former host of Love Island, revealed that carrying the toddler around is having a detrimental effect on her body, and said she is learning Pilates in an effort to build up her strength.

Sharing a video to her Instagram story as she walked to the studio in north London, she said: “I’m off to reformer Pilates because I’m getting strong.”

Referring to the pink cup she was holding in her hand, she added: “Also this is a cup for keeping wine cold and I’m drinking coffee out of it, who am I?”

She also shared a video of herself on the reformer being put through her paces by an instructor and wrote: “Working on strength at the moment as carrying a toddler has broken me!

“Obsessed with Pilates and how it makes me feel.”

Reformer Pilates, which can also take place on a mat, uses a reformer machine, a frame with a platform on wheels that roll up and down as you perform exercises.

The machines also have bands that you can attach to your feet or hands to stretch and elongate as you exercise.

This type of low-resistance exercise is considered to be particularly beneficial if you are recovering from an injury or want to isolate and strengthen particular muscles.

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