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Jessie Buckley in trailer for Apple Original romance Fingernails

Jessie Buckley stars in the new Apple Original film Fingernails (Matt Crossick/PA)
Hannah Roberts, PA Entertainment Reporter

Jessie Buckley features in a trailer for upcoming romantic film Fingernails where she plays a woman called Anna who is uncertain whether a test meant to find true love is the real deal.

Other actors in the film include The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White in the role of Anna’s partner Ryan and British actor Riz Ahmed as Amir, whom Anna meets when she takes a position at a love testing institute.

The trailer opens with a shot of Irish actress Buckley, 33, as Anna, singing Only You by Yazoo – “all I needed was the love you gave”.

After this, Ryan says that he and Anna had taken “the (love) test” three years ago and it “felt like a weight had been lifted”.

In a later clip, American actor Luke Wilson, who plays a character called Duncan, says: “I founded this institute to take the risk out of love.

“No more uncertainty, no more wondering if you’ve chosen the right partner, no more divorce.

“We were the first to build the machines to conduct the test to make the bond of love stronger”.

Anna goes on to tell Ryan that she would love to work at the institute and says a lot of famous people study there.

Clips of Anna with Ryan and Amir play before Anna says to Duncan: “I was wondering if it was possible that one person could be in love with two people at the same time?”, to which Duncan responds: “It’s a biological impossibility.”

Buckley starred in the 2022 films Women Talking with Claire Foy, Ben Whishaw and Frances McDormand and horror movie Men, about a woman who goes on holiday to overcome a recent trauma.

Apple Original Films unveiled the trailer for Fingernails and key artwork for the feature on Tuesday.

Fingernails will premiere in select cinemas and stream globally on Apple TV+ from November 3.

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