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Ian Paisley and Sri Lanka: How the scandal unfolded

 Ian Paisley failed to declare two luxury family holidays to Sri Lanka
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A timeline from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards's report on Ian Paisley:

March 30 to April 5 2013      

Mr Paisley and his family visit Sri Lanka

July 2013 

Mr Paisley and his family make a second visit to Sri Lanka

November 18 2013

Mr Paisley registers a visit to Sri Lanka from 11 to 15 November 2013

The Hilton Hotel in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka where Mr Paisley and his family stayed

March 19 2014

Mr Paisley writes to the British Prime Minister about British government policy on Sri Lanka


September 8 2017

Daily Telegraph article appears

Mr Paisley tweets a denial

Mr Paisley refers himself to the commissioner


September 13 2017

Inquiry initiated


September 28 2017

Mr Paisley responds to the allegations


October 24 2017

Commissioner obtains Daily Telegraph’s evidence


October 30 2017

Mr Paisley provides information about his recollection of the dates and value of the visits; and provides copy of letter of 19 March 2014


November 13 2017

Commissioner invites Mr Paisley to comment on Daily Telegraph evidence

Sri Lankan government paid for business class tickets for Mr Paisley and his family on Sri Lankan Airlines

November 27 2017

Mr Paisley comments on the evidence


December 19 2017

Commissioner asks Mr Paisley for clarification, a fuller explanation of one point; and for supporting evidence. Commissioner encloses a letter, which she asks Mr Paisley to send on to the Sri Lankan High Commission


January 1 2018

Kathryn Stone takes up post


January 9 2018

Mr Paisley hand-delivers letter to Sri Lankan High Commissioner

 Ian Paisley is under pressure to resign following revelations about two paid Sri Lankan holidays

January 19 2018

Mr Paisley replies to the commissioner’s letter of 19 December 2017


March29  2018

Mr Paisley hand-delivers reply from Sri Lankan High Commissioner


April 17 2018

Commissioner interviews Mr Paisley


April 18 2018

Commissioner writes to Mr Paisley confirming the evidence and further information requested on 17 April


May 16 2018

Commissioner chases reply and reminds Mr Paisley of the need to have evidence to support his account

May 23 2018

Mr Paisley hand-delivers his response to commissioner to enable her to view original documents


May 30 2018

Commissioner shares her initial review of the evidence with Mr Paisley


June 19 2018

Mr Paisley provides additional information and evidence, including an estimate of the value of each trip to Sri Lanka prepared by a management consultant, and tested by an accountant


June 20 2018

Commissioner shares registrar’s advice with Mr Paisley and seeks information about a fresh matter


June 22 2018

Mr Paisley provides evidence about the credentials of the management consultant; and some further information about the basis for the estimates


June 27 2018

Meeting to share draft memorandum for fact checking


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