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Council elections 2019: full results

 Ian Knox's cartoon on May 4 2019


Follow how the counts developed through our live blog as a total of 819 local government election candidates contested 462 seats across 11 council areas.

See full results from your council area using the links below:

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

Ards and North Down Borough Council

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

Belfast City Council

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

Derry City and Strabane District Council

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Mid Ulster District Council

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council



Council election 2019 latest updates

Results are coming in from count centres across the north on day two of counting.

11.00pm That's it, all results are in, Here's how it finished up for the parties:

DUP 122 (-8)
SF 105 (-)
UUP 75 (-13)
SDLP 59 (-7)
All 53 (+21)
Ind 24 (+9)
GPNI 8 (+5)
TUV 6 (-7)
PBP 5 (+4)
PUP 3 (-1)
AONTÚ 1 (+1)
CCLA 1 (+1)




9.20pm Final four seats in Sperrin filled. Independents Paul Gallagher, Raymond Barr, DUP's Maurice Devenney and SDLP's Jason Barr elected.

9.05pm Bryan Smyth of Green Party elected in Lisnasharragh. It is the fourth Green seat in Belfast.

8.28pm Black Mountain - Sinn Féin win six of the seven seats.

7.15pm DUP's Carla Lockhart in election first...

7.10pm SDLP's Eugene Reid apologises as supporters cheer news that Sinn Féin's Patrice Hardy has been been eliminated in Ballymena count. "What happened at the count today in no way reflects my views and I have reprimanded the individuals involved, they were wrong and apologise," he said.

6.20pm Jeff Dudgeon, UUP councillor who helped change law on homosexuality in the north, has lost his seat in Balmoral.

5.38pm Barry McElduff speaks...

4.20pm Anti-goldmine candidate Emmet McAleer has won a seat in Fermanagh and Omagh council. The Independent candidate was standing in Mid Tyrone

4pm Pat Convery has been eliminated in Castle DEA in Belfast City Council. He had ran as an Independent after leaving the SDLP 

4pm Antrim and Newtownabbey round-up

  • DUP 14
  • UUP 9
  • Alliance 7
  • Sinn Féin 5
  • SDLPlive 4
  • Independent 1 

3.30pm People Before Profit's Eamon McCann has won the second send in Moor district electoral area, in Derry and Strabane 

 Eamon McCann celebrates after winning a seat for People Before Profit in Derry and Strabane. Picture by Margaret McLaughlin 

1.30pm Ards and North Down has completed. Full results:

  • DUP 14 
  • Alliance 10 
  • UUP 8 
  • Greens 3 
  • Independents 3 
  • SDLP 1 
  • TUV 1


12.40pm Ballymena. Where else would you get it?

Noon Gary Donnelly (Ind) retains his seat in Derry and Strabane. He topped the poll in The Moor DEA 

11.15am The Mid Tyrone DEA in Fermanagh and Omagh is to be recounted

11am Only a couple of seats left to be decided in Ards and North Down council

10am Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon council finished counting after 6am. A hardy bunch. Big wins for the Alliance, taking their number of councillors from zero to three.


Saturday 9am And... we're back! Live coverage of #LE19 continues


12.30am Signing off for tonight. Sleep tight


10.30pm Oldpark DEA in Belfast City Council has completed. People Before Profit's Fiona Ferguson took the final seat bringing the number of PBP councillors in Belfast to two.

9.15pm Belfast mayor Deirdre Hargey (Sinn Féin) and her deputy, Emmet McDonough-Brown (Alliance), both retain their seats in the Botanic DEA. Green Party's Aine Groogan topped the poll with the most first-preference votes (1,401). The quota was 1,624 

8.45pm Alliance has topped the poll in all seven DEAs in Lisburn and Castlereagh council 

8pm Antrim and Newtownabbey has finished counting for the night

7.30pm Alliance Party has topped the poll in six out of the seven DEAs announced in Lisburn and Castlereagh council

7.15pm Three DEAs complete in Antrim and Newtownabbey - Glengormley Urban, Macedon and Three Mile Water

6.30pm Kyle Black, the son of prison officer David Black who was shot dead in 2012, has been elected for the DUP in the Carntogher DEA of Mid Ulster council

6pm Sinn Féin's James McKeown becomes the first party member elected in Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

5.48pm Green Party's Anthony Flynn kisses his boyfriend as he celebrates being elected in Ormiston in Belfast City Council

5.30pm Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council confirms that 25 votes were placed on the wrong candidate's allocation, so Coleraine DEA had to be 'rewound' to stage one  

5.10pm Alison Bennington is the DUP's first openly gay politician after being elected in Antrim and Newtownabbey. Read more here

5pm Lee Reynolds of the DUP eliminated. He was standing in the Titanic DEA in Belfast City Council 

4.30pm Votes in the Coleraine ward of Causeway Coast and Glens Council are being re-counted from scratch following a "discrepancy"







Peter McReynolds,Sian O'Neill, Ross McMullan and Nuala McAllister celebrating Alliance Party gains in the 2019 council elections. Picture by Hugh Russell 



Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

DUP 14 (-1), UUP 9 (-3), All 7 (+3), SF 5 (+2), SDLP 4 (-), Ind 1 (+1), TUV 0 (-2)

Turnout: 53 per cent


Airport (5 seats, Quota: 1,176)

Vikki McAuley (All) 1,221

Matthew Magill (DUP) 1,164

Thomas Burns (SDLP) 1,125

Anne-Marie Logue (SF) 1,095

Paul Michael (UUP) 893

Mervyn Rea (UUP) 568

Cathy Rooney (SF) 505

Ben Mallon (DUP) 481


Vikki McAuley (All) 1st count
Matthew Magill (DUP) 3rd count
Paul Michael (UUP) 4th count
Thomas Burns (SDLP) 5th count
Anne-Marie Logue (SF) 5th count


Antrim (6 seats,  Quota: 919)

Neil Kelly (All) 1,689

John Smyth (DUP) 734

Roisin Lynch (SDLP) 723

Leah Smyth (UUP) 615

Paul Dunlop (DUP) 603

Gerard Magee (SF) 583

Jim Montgomery (UUP) 416

Karl McMeekin (DUP) 363

Adrian Cochrane-Watson (Ind) 359

Richard Cairns (TUV) 347


Neil Kelly (All) 1st count
Roisin Lynch (SDLP) 2nd count
John Smyth (DUP) 5th count
Paul Dunlop (DUP) 6th count
Leah Smyth (UUP) 7th count
Jim Montgomery (UUP) 7th count


Ballyclare (5 seats, Quota: 1,127)

Danny Kinahan (UUP) 1,253

Michael Stewart (Ind) 1,182

Mandy Girvan (DUP) 861

Gary English (All) 775

Jeannie Archibald (DUP ) 739

Vera McWilliam (UUP) 707

David Arthurs (Ind) 457

Austin Orr (DUP) 443

Norrie Ramsay (UUP) 341


Danny Kinahan (UUP) 1st count
Michael Stewart (Ind) 1st count
Mandy Girvan (DUP) 6th count
Jeannie Archibald (DUP) 6th count
Vera McWilliam (UUP) 6th count

Dunsilly (5 seats, Quota: 1,086)

Henry Cushinan (SF) 1,064

Glenn Finlay (All) 989

Linda Clarke (DUP) 965

Jordan Greer (DUP) 907

Ryan Wilson (SDLP) 902

Roderick Swann (UUP) 711

Andrew Maguire (SF) 552

Gareth Thomas (UUP) 424


Henry Cushinan (SF) 3rd count
Glenn Finlay (All) 4th count
Ryan Wilson (SDLP) 4th count
Roderick Swann (UUP) 5th count
Linda Clarke (DUP) 5th count


Glengormley Urban (7 seats, Quota 993)

Julian McGrath (All) 1,345

Phillip Brett (DUP) 1,099

Noreen McClelland (SDLP) 992

Michael Goodman (SF) 904

Mark Cosgrove (UUP) 891

Alison Bennington (DUP) 856

Rosie Kinnear (SF) 801

Samantha Burns (DUP) 373

Paul Veronica (Green) 341

Michael Maguire (UUP) 337


Julian McGrath (All) 1st count
Phillip Brett (DUP) 1st count
Noreen McClelland (SDLP) 2nd count
Mark Cosgrove (UUP) 5th count
Alison Bennington (DUP) 6th count
Michael Goodman (SF) 7th count
Rosie Kinnear (SF) 7th count


Macedon (6 seats, Quota 895)

Billy Webb (All) 1,127

Paul Hamill (DUP) 1,043

Thomas Hogg (DUP) 999

Robert Foster (UUP) 956

Taylor McGrann (SF) 765

Stafford Ward (Ind) 343

Victor Robinson (DUP) 327

Dean McCullough (DUP) 321

David Hollis (TUV) 223

Robert Hill (Ukip) 154


Billy Webb (All) 1st count
Paul Hamill (DUP) 1st count
Thomas Hogg (DUP) 1st count
Robert Foster (UUP) 1st count
Dean McCullough (DUP) 7th count
Taylor McGrann (SF) 7th count


Three Mile Water (6 seats, Quota 1,006)

Mark Cooper (DUP) 1,230

Stephen Ross (DUP) 1,103

Fraser Agnew (UUP) 1,100

Tom Campbell (All) 1,075

Julie Gilmour (All) 749

Stephen McCarthy (UUP) 514

Sam Flanagan (DUP) 489

Raymond Stewart (Ukip) 319

Norman Boyd (TUV) 234

Gary Grattan (Ind) 223


Fraser Agnew (UUP) 1st count
Tom Campbell (All) 1st count
Mark Cooper (DUP) 1st count
Stephen Ross (DUP) 1st count
Sam Flanagan (DUP) 7th count
Julie Gilmour (All) 7th count



Ards and North Down Borough Council

40 seats

Change since 2014: 

DUP 14 (-3), All 10 (+3), UUP 8 (-1), Green 3 (-), SDLP 1 (-), TUV 1 (-), Ind 3 (+1)

Turnout: 45 per cent


Ards Peninsula (6 seats, Quota 1,120)

Robert Adair (DUP) 2,189

Joe Boyle (SDLP) 1,621

Angus Carson (UUP) 832

Lorna McAlpine (All) 832

Eddie Thompson (DUP) 821

Nigel Edmund (DUP) 735

Michele Strong (Green) 319

Matt Davey (Ukip) 234

Murdoch McKibbin (SF) 196

Tim Mullen (Con) 58


Robert Adair (DUP) 1st count
Joe Boyle (SDLP) 1st count
Nigel Edmund (DUP) 2nd count
Eddie Thompson (DUP) 4th count
Angus Carson (UUP) 6th count
Lorna McAlpine (All) 7th count


Bangor Central (6 seats, Quota 1,052)

Karen Douglas (All) 1,346

Stephen Dunlop (Green) 1,046

Wesley Irvine (DUP) 878

Alastair Cathcart (DUP) 787

Craig Blaney (UUP) 757

Ian Henry (UUP) 542

Ray McKimm (Ind) 503

Noelle Robinson (Ind) 423

Maria Lourenco (Ind) 362

James Cochrane (DUP) 255

John Montgomery (Ukip) 215

Frank Shivers (Con) 210

Gavan Reynolds (Ind) 33


Karen Douglas (All) 1st count
Stephen Dunlop (Green) 2nd count
Alastair Cathcart (DUP) 7th count
Craig Blaney (UUP) 9th count
Wesley Irvine (DUP) 10th count
Ray McKinn (Ind) (without reaching quota)


Bangor East and Donaghadee (6 seats, Quota 1,086)

Mark Brooks (UUP) 1,327

Gavin Walker (All) 1,303

David Chambers (UUP) 963

Peter Martin (DUP) 902

Tom Smith (Ind) 765

Bill Keery (DUP) 764

Hannah McNamara (Green) 735

Janice Macarthur (DUP) 702

Paul Leeman (Con) 137


Mark Brooks (UUP) 1st count
Gavin Walker (All) 1st count
David Chambers (UUP) 3rd count
Peter Martin (DUP) 6th count
Bill Keery (DUP) 7th count
Tom Smith (Ind) 8th count


Bangor West (5 seats, Quota 952)

Connie Egan (All) 1,151

Jennifer Gilmour (DUP) 990

Marion Smith (UUP) 982

Barry McKee (Green) 949

Alan Graham (DUP) 749

Scott Wilson (All) 703

Ben English (Con)114

Kieran Maxwell (SF) 71


Connie Egan (All) 1st count
Jennfier Gilmour (DUP) 1st count
Barry McKee (Green) 1st count
Marion Smith (UUP) 1st count
Scott Wilson (All) 3rd count


Comber (5 seats, Quota 1,088)

Deborah Girvan (All) 1,516

Philip Smith (UUP) 1,082

Robert Gibson (DUP) 985

Trevor Cummings (DUP) 843

Stephen Cooper (TUV) 695

John Montgomery (DUP) 643

Ricky Bamford (Green) 372

Michael Palmer (UUP) 318

John Sloan (Ind) 73


Deborah Girvan (All) 1st count
Phlip Smith (UUP) 2nd count
Robert Gibson (DUP) 5th count
Trevor Cummings (DUP) 5th count
Stephen Cooper (TUV) 6th count


Holywood and Clandeboye (5 seats, Quota 1,140)

Andrew Muir (All) 1,397

Rachel Woods (Green) 1,211

Gillian Greer (All) 1,249

Stephen Dunne (DUP) 1,139

Roberta Dunlop (DUP) 677

Carl McClean (UUP) 507

Tim Lemon (UUP) 416

Andrew Turner (Con) 141


Andrew Muir (All) 1st count
Rachel Woods (GRN) 1st count
Gillian Greer (All) 1st count
Stephen Dunne (DUP) 2nd count
Carl McClean (UUP) 7th count


Newtownards (7 seats, Quota 1,043)

Jimmy Menagh (Ind) 2,138

Naomi Armstrong (DUP) 1,232

Nick Mathison (All) 1,091

Stephen McIlveen (DUP) 898

Richard Smart (UUP) 736

Alan McDowell (All) 574

Colin Kennedy (DUP) 570

Ian Dickson (UUP) 481

Maurice Macartney (Green) 374

Paul Corry (Ukip) 223

Ben King (Ind) 24


Jimmy Menagh (Ind) 1st count
Naomi Armstrong (DUP) 1st count
Nick Mathison (All) 1st count
Stephen McIlveen (DUP) 2nd count
Colin Kennedy (DUP) 6th count
Richard Smart (UUP) 7th count
Alan McDowell (All) (without reaching quota)



Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

41 seats

Change since 2014:

DUP 11 (-2), UUP 10 (-2), SF 10 (+2), SDLP 6 (-), All 3 (+3), Ind 1 (-), Ukip 0 (-1)

Turnout: 54 per cent


Armagh (6 seats, Quota 1,818)

Garath Keating (SF) 2,037

Sam Nicholson (UUP) 1,697

Jackie Donnelly (SF) 1,677

Freda Donnelly (DUP) 1,638

Thomas O'Hanlon (SDLP) 1,491

Darren McNally (SF) 1,413

Mealla Campbell (SDLP) 1,246

Martin Kelly, (Aontú) 822

Jackie Coade (All) 674

Pol Oh-Again (Ind) 28


Garath Keating (SF) 1st count
Jackie Donnelly (SF) 4th count
Sam Nicholson (UUP) 5th count
Thomas O'Hanlon (SDLP) 5th count
Darren McNally (SF) 5th count
Mealla Campbell (SDLP) 5th count


Banbridge (7 seats, Quota 1,518)

Glenn Barr (UUP) 1,764

Paul Greenfield (DUP) 1,563

Brian Pope (All) 1,425

Jill Macauley (UUP) 1,350

Seamus Doyle (SDLP) 1,309

Ian Burns (UUP) 1,273

Junior McCrum (DUP) 1,232

Kevin Savage (SF) 1,038

McAleenan, Vincent SF 676

Martin, William TUV 508


Glenn Barr (UUP) 1st count
Paul Greenfield (DUP) 1st count
Ian Burns (UUP) 3rd count
Kevin Savage (SF) 4th count
Jill Macauley (UUP) 6th count
Junior McCrum (DUP) 6th count
Brian Pope (All) 8th count


Craigavon (5 seats, Quota 1,613)

Margaret Tinsley (DUP) 1,416

Catherine Nelson (SF) 1,332

Thomas Larkham (SDLP) 1,244

Robert Woolsey Smith (DUP) 1,105

Kenneth Twyble (UUP) 1,037

Declan McAlinden (SDLP) 1,014

Kate Evans (UUP) 871

Michael Tallon (SF) 727

Sean Hagan (All) 699

Fergal Lennon (Aontú) 230


Catherine Nelson (SF) 4th count
Thomas Larkham SDLP) 5th count
Kenneth Twyble (UUP) 7th count
Margaret Tinsley (DUP) 7th count
Declan McAlinden SDLP) 7th count


Cusher (5 seats, Quota 1,910)

Gareth Wilson (DUP) 2,248

Paul Berry (Ind) 2,009

Bróna Haughey (SF) 1,519

Jim Speers (UUP) 1,633

Gordon Kennedy (UUP) 1,229

Quincey Dougan (DUP) 1,215

Seamus Livingstone (SDLP) 901

Gareth Hay (All) 462

Paul Bowbanks (Ind) 241


Gareth Wilson (DUP) 1st count
Paul Berry (Ind) 1st count
Bróna Haughey (SF) 4th count
Jim Speers (UUP) 5th count
Gordon Kennedy (UUP) 6th count


Lagan River (5 seats, Quota 1,481)

Mark Baxter (DUP) 1,876

Kyle Savage (UUP) 1,614

Paul Rankin (DUP) 1,444

Eóin Tennyson (All) 960

Olive Mercer (UUP) 871

Tim McClelland (DUP) 678

Samuel Morrison (TUV) 499

John O'Hare (SDLP) 369

Tony Gorrell (SF) 227

Sammy Ogle (Ind) 217

Jordan Stewart (Ukip) 129


Mark Baxter (UUP) 1st count
Kyle Savage (UUP) 1st count
Paul Rankin DUP) 2nd count
Eoin Tennyson (All) 8th count
Tim McClelland (DUP) 9th count


Lurgan (7 seats, Quota 1,506)

Keith Haughian (SF) 1,974

Louise McKinstry (UUP) 1,524

Stephen Moutray (DUP) 1,504

Peter Lavery (All) 1,321

Terry McWilliams (DUP) 1,282

Liam Mackle (SF) 1,190

Joe Nelson (SDLP) 1,046

Ciaran Tomas (SDLP) 926

Sorcha McGeown (SF) 823


Keith Haughian (SF) 1st count
Louise McKinstry (UUP) 1st count
Liam Mackle (SF) 3rd count
Joe Nelson (SDLP) 4th count
Peter Lavery (All) 5th count
Stephen Moutray (DUP) 6th count
Sorcha McGeown (SF) 6th count


Portadown (6 seats, Quota 1,604)

Darryn Causby (DUP) 2,077

Sydney Anderson (DUP) 1,696

Paul Duffy (SF) 1,675

Julie Flaherty (UUP) 1,512

Eamon McNeill (SDLP) 967

Lavelle McIlwrath (DUP) 866

Emma Hutchinson (All) 570

Darrin Foster (TUV) 547

Arnold Hatch (UUP) 570

Callum Ó’Dufaigh (SF) 392

David Jones (Ind) 266

David Jameson (UKIP) 149


Darryn Causby (DUP) 1st count
Sydney Anderson (DUP) 1st count
Paul Duffy (SF) 1st count
Julie Flaherty (UUP) 3rd count
Lavelle McIlwrath (DUP) 8th count
Eamon McNeill (SDLP) 8th count



Belfast City Council

60 seats

Change since 2014: 

SF 18 (-1), DUP 15 (+2), All 10 (+2), SDLP 6 (-1), Green 4 (+3), PBP 3 (+2), UUP 2 (-5), PUP 2 (-1), TUV 0 (-1) 

Turnout: 51 per cent


Balmoral (5 seats, Quota 1,536)

Kate Nicholl (All) 1,842

David Graham (DUP) 1,442

Donal Lyons (SDLP) 1,306

Geraldine McAteer (SF) 1,283

Sarah Bunting (DUP) 1,025

Michael Mulhern (SDLP) 813

Jeffrey Dudgeon (UUP) 660

Caoimhe O'Connell (Green) 504

Padraigin Mervyn (PBP) 202

William Traynor (UKIP) 133


Kate Nicholl (All) 1st count
David Graham (DUP) 4th count
Donal Lyons (SDLP) 6th count
Geraldine McAteer (SF) 7th count
Sarah Louise Bunting (DUP) 8th count


Black Mountain (7 seats, Quota 1,757)

Matt Collins (PBP) 2,268

Ciaran Beattie (SF) 1,893

Steven Corr (SF) 1,864

Arder Carson (SF) 1,634

Micheal Donnelly (SF) 1,535

Emma Groves (SF) 1,431

Ronan McLaughlin (SF) 1,316

Paul Doherty (SDLP) 783

Eoin Geraghty (Aontú) 750

Liam Norris (All) 213

Stevie Maginn (Green) 204

Conor Campbell (Workers Party) 162


Matt Collins (PBP) 1st count
Ciaran Beattie (SF) 1st count
Steven Corr (SF) 1st count
Arder Carson (SF) 6th count
Michael Donnelly (SF) 6th count
Emma Groves (SF) 6th count
Ronan McLoughlin (SF) 6th count


Botanic (5 seats, Quota 1,624)

Áine Groogan (Green) 1,401

Tracy Kelly (DUP) 1,365

Deirdre Hargey (SF) 1,325

Emmet McDonough-Brown (All) 1,143

Gary McKeown (SDLP) 1,009

Micky Murray (All) 754

Graham Craig (DUP) 615

Declan Boyle (Ind) 609

Paul Loughran (PBP) 383

Richard Kennedy (UUP) 333

Billy Dixon (South Belfast Unionists) 233

Caitríona Mallaghan (SF) 229

Ian Shanks (PUP) 170

Paddy Lynn (Workers Party) 87

John Hiddleston (TUV) 82

Áine Groogan (Green) 1,401

Tracy Kelly (DUP) 1,365

Deirdre Hargey (SF) 1,325

Emmet McDonough-Brown (All) 1,143

Gary McKeown (SDLP) 1,009

Micky Murray (All) 754

Graham Craig (DUP) 615

Declan Boyle (Ind) 609

Paul Loughran (PBP) 383

Richard Kennedy (UUP) 333

Billy Dixon (South Belfast Unionists) 233

Caitríona Mallaghan (SF) 229

Ian Shanks (PUP) 170

Paddy Lynn (Workers Party) 87

John Hiddleston (TUV) 82


Áine Groogan (Green) 6th count
Tracy Kelly (DUP) 7th count
Deirdre Hargey (SF) 9th count
Emmet McDonough-Brown (All) 11th count
Gary McKeown (SDLP) 12th count
Áine Groogan (Green) 6th count
Tracy Kelly (DUP) 7th count
Deirdre Hargey (SF) 9th count
Emmet McDonough-Brown (All) 11th count
Gary McKeown (SDLP) 12th count


Castle (6 seats, Quota 1,615)

Nuala McAllister (All) 1,787

John Finucane (SF) 1,650

Fred Cobain (DUP) 1,439

Guy Spence (DUP) 1,407

Mary Ellen Campbell (SF) 1,103

David Browne (UUP) 1,014

Mal O'Hara (GRN) 882

Carl Whyte (SDLP) 651

Heather Wilson (SDLP) 551

Patrick Convery (Ind) 377

Riley Johnston (PBP) 204

Gemma Weir (Workers Party) 159

Cathal Mullaghan (Ind) 76



Nuala McAllister (All) 1st count
John Finucane (SF) 1st count
Fred Cobain (DUP) 8th count
Guy Spence (DUP) 8th count
Mal O'Hara (Green) 9th count
Carl Whyte (SDLP) 9th count


Collin (6 seats, Quota 1,729)

Danny Baker (SF) 2,196

Stephen Magennis (SF) 1,616

Michael Collins (PBP) 1,565

Seanna Walsh (SF) 1,402

Matt Garrett (SF) 1,264

Charlene O'Hara (SF) 1,187

Brian Heading (SDLP) 970

Nichola McClean (Aontú) 670

Donnamarie Higgins (All) 443

David McKee (DUP) 309

Ellen Murray (GRN) 241

Fred Rodgers (UUP) 130

Paddy Crossan (Workers Party) 109


Danny Baker (SF) 1st count
Michael Collins (PBP) 3rd count
Seanna Walsh (SF) 7th count
Stephen Magennis (SF) 8th count
Matt Garrett (SF) 8th count
Brian Heading (SDLP) 8th count


Court (6 seats, Quota 1,616)

Frank McCoubrey (DUP) 2,227

Brian Kingston (DUP) 1,648

Claire Canavan (SF) 1,447

Tina Black (SF) 1,396

Nicola Verner (DUP) 1,119

Billy Hutchinson (PUP) 929

Cailin McCaffery (PBP) 686

Dave Anderson (UUP) 385

Jolene Bunting (Ind) 351

Tiernan Fitzlarkin (SDLP) 298

Eric Smyth (TUV) 258

Ciara Campbell (All) 253

Joanne Lowry (Workers Party) 166

Sinead Magner (Green) 147


Frank McCoubrey (DUP) 1st count
Brian Kingston (DUP) 1st count
Nicola Verner (DUP) 6th count
Billy Hutchinson (PUP) 10th count
Claire Canavan (SF) 11th count
Tina Black (SF) 11th count


Lisnasharragh (6 seats, Quota 1,581)

Michael Long (All) 1,755

David Brooks (DUP) 1,479

Eric Hanvey (All) 1,429

Brian Smyth (Green) 1,233

Seamas De Faoite (SDLP) 988

Tommy Sandford (DUP) 951

Aileen Graham (DUP) 660

Stevie Jenkins (SF) 619

Chris McGimpsey (UUP) 508

Ben Manton (UUP) 415

Gwen Ferguson (PUP) 363

Kate Mullan (Ind) 204

Cathering McComb (Ukip) 169

Amy Ferguson (Cross Community Labour Alternative) 160

Ivanka Antova (PBP) 133


Michael Long (All) 1st count
Eric Hanvey (All) 3rd count
Brian Smyth (Green) 10th count
David Brooks (DUP) 12th count
Tommy Sandford (DUP) 13th count
Séamas De Faoite (SDLP) 14th count


Oldpark (6 seats, Quota 1,619)

Paul McCusker (SDLP) 2,856

Dale Pankhurst (DUP) 1,701

Ryan Murphy (SF) 1,185

JJ Magee (SF) 1,134

Shauneen Baker (SF) 1,107

Mary Clarke (SF) 796

Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston (PUP) 575

Gillian Simpson (DUP) 573

Fiona Ferguson (PBP) 447

Jack Armstrong (All) 390

Jason Docherty (UUP) 239

Lesley Veronica (GRN) 231

Chris Bailie (Workers Party) 93


Paul McCusker (SDLP) 1st count
Dale Pankhurst (DUP) 1st count
Ryan Murphy (SF) 9th count
Shauneen Baker (SF) 10th count
JJ Magee (SF) 11th count
Fiona Ferguson (PBP) 11th count


Ormiston (7 seats, Quota 1,661)

Ross McMullan (All) 2,622

Peter McReynolds (All) 1,764

Tom Haire (DUP) 1,462

Jim Rodgers (UUP) 1,416

Anthony Flynn (Green) 1,301

John Hussey (DUP) 1,269

Sian O'Neill (All) 1,165

Gareth Spratt (DUP) 857

Peter Johnston (UUP) 757

William Ennis (PUP) 394

Keith Lonsdale (Ukip) 221

Laura Misteil (SF) 57


Ross McMullan (All) 1st count
Peter McReynolds (All) 1st count
Sian O'Neill (All) 2nd count
Anthony Flynn (Green) 4th count
Tom Haire (DUP) 7th count
Jim Rodgers (UUP) 7th count
John Hussey (DUP) 8th count


Titanic (6 seats, Quota 1,353)

Mairead O'Donnell (SF) 1,102

George Dorrian (DUP) 1,270

Michelle Kelly (All) 1,068

Carole Howard (All) 1,055

John Kyle (PUP) 1,027

Adam Newton (DUP) 913

Sonia Copeland (UUP) 852

Ben Smylie (Green) 641

Lee Reynolds (DUP) 586

Karl Bennett (Ind) 448

Colin Hall-Thompson (UUP) 278

Paul Girvan (UKIP) 228


George Dorrian (DUP) 4th count
Carole Howard (All) 6th count
Michelle Kelly (All) 7th count
Adam Newton (DUP) 6th count
John Kyle (PUP) 8th count
Sonia Copeland (UUP) 8th count



Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

DUP 14 (+3), SF 9 (+2), UUP 7 (-3), SDLP 6 (-), All 2 (+1), PUP 1 (-), TUV 0 (-3)

Turnout: 52 per cent


Ballymoney (7 seats, 1,094)

Darryl Wilson (UUP) 1,420

John Finlay (DUP) 1,322

Leanne Peacock (SF) 1,153

Cathal McLaughlin (SF) 906

Alan McLean (DUP) 827

Ivor Wallace (DUP) 826

Peter McCully (All) 734

Tom McKeown (UUP) 512

William Blair (TUV) 497

Ian Richard Stevenson (Ind) 220

John Wilson (TUV) 217

David Hanna (Ukip) 117


Darryl Wilson (UUP) 1st count
John Finlay (DUP) 1st count
Leanne Peacock (SF) 1st count
Tom McKeown (UUP) 7th count
Alan McLean (DUP) 7th count
Ivor Wallace (DUP) 7th count
Cathal McLaughlin (SF) 7th count


Bann (5 seats, Quota 1,213)

Sean Bateson (SF) 1,403

Adrian McQuillan (DUP) 1,047

Richard John Holmes (UUP) 964

William King (UUP) 799

Michelle Knight-McQuillan (DUP) 781

Helena Dallat O'Driscoll (SDLP) 686

Sam Cole (DUP) 639

Charlie McConaghy (All) 491

Timmy Reid (PUP) 251

Elizabeth Collins (TUV) 214


Sean Bateson (SF) 1st count
Adrian McQuillan (DUP) 5th count
Richard John Holmes (UUP) 5th count
Michelle Knight-McQuillan (DUP) 5th count
Helena Dallat O'Driscoll (SDLP) 5th count


Benbradagh (5 seats, Quota 1,175)

Sean McGlinchey (SF) 1,574

Dermot Nicholl (SF) 1,002

Orla Beattie (SDLP) 922

Edgar Scott (DUP) 896

Kathleen McGurk (SF) 677

Proinsias Brolly (Aontú) 655

Boyd Douglas (TUV) 581

Robert Thomas Carmichael (UUP) 410

Christine Turner (All) 332


Sean McGlinchey (SF) 1st count
Orla Beattie (SDLP) 3rd count
Dermot Nicholl (SF) 5th count
Edgar Scott (DUP) 5th count
Kathleen McGurk (SF) 5th count


Causeway (7 seats, Quota 1,017)

Mark Fielding (DUP) 1,276

Chris McCaw (All) 1,212

Sharon McKillop (DUP) 1,010

John McAuley (DUP) 831

Sandra Hunter (UUP) 774

Norman Hillis (UUP) 758

David Alexander (Ind) 552

Angela Mulholland (SDLP) 496

Mark Coulson (Green) 331

Cyril Quigg (TUV) 325

Emma Thompson (SF) 267

Stewart Moore (TUV) 167

Rebecca Hanna (Ukip) 132


Mark Fielding (DUP) 1st count
Chris McCaw (All) 1st count
Sharon McKillop (DUP) 2nd count
John McAuley (DUP) 4th count
Sandra Hunter (UUP) 8th count
Norman Hillis (UUP) 8th count
Angela Mulholland (SDLP) 8th count


Coleraine (6 seats, Quota 1,019)

Russell Watton (PUP) 1,325

Stephanie Quigley (SDLP) 983

Philip Anderson (DUP) 901

George Duddy (DUP) 866

Trevor Clarke (DUP) 769

Yvonne Boyle (All) 732

William McCandless (UUP) 633

Ciarán Archibald (SF) 417

John Wisener (UUP) 292

David Harding (Con) 112

Armanda Ranaghan (Ukip) 101


Russell Watton (PUP) 1st count
Stephanie Quigley (SDLP) 4th count
Philip Anderson (DUP) 4th count
George Duddy DUP) 5th count
Yvonne Boyle (All) 5th count
William McCandless (UUP) 5th count


Limavady (5 seats, Quota 928)

Alan Robinson (DUP) 1,498

Brenda Chivers (SF) 1,034

James McCorkell (DUP) 654

Kevin Hayward (All) 557

Ashleen Schenning (SDLP) 519

Raymond Kennedy (UUP) 405

Aaron Callan (DUP) 385

Francie Brolly (Aonú) 337

Colin Cartwright (TUV) 176


Alan Robinson (DUP) 1st count
Brenda Chivers (SF) 1st count
James McCorkell (DUP) 2nd count
Ashleen Schenning (SDLP) 6th count
Aaron Callan (DUP) 6th count


The Glens (5 seats, Quota 1,123)

Ambrose Laverty (Ind) 1,267

Cara McShane (SF) 1,102

Oliver McMullan (SF) 1,097

Margaret-Anne McKillop (SDLP) 1,080

Bill Kennedy (DUP) 843

Joan Baird (UUP) 758

Kieran James Mulholland (SF) 589


Ambrose Laverty (Ind) 1st count
Cara McShane (SF) 2nd count
Oliver McMullan (SF) 2nd count
Margaret-Anne McKillop (SDLP) 3rd count
Joan Baird (UUP) 6th count



Derry City and Stabane District Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

SDLP 11 (+1), SF 11 (-5), DUP 7 (-1), UUP 2 (-), All 2 (+2), PBP 2 (+2), Aontú 1 (+1), Ind 4 (-)

Turnout: 57 per cent


Ballyarnett (6 seats, Quota 1,368)

Angela Dobbins (SDLP) 1,392

Brian Tierney (SDLP) 1,235

Rory Farrell (SDLP) 1,170

Anne McCloskey (Aontú) 1,032

Sandra Duffy (SF) 899

Aileen Mellon (SF) 848

Nuala Crilly (PBP) 826

Caoimhe McKnight (SF) 656

Warren Robinson (Ind) 639

Neil McLaughlin (SF) 538

Danny McCloskey (All) 340


Angela Dobbins (SDLP) 1st count
Brian Tierney (SDLP) 4th count
Sandra Duffy (SF) 6th count
Rory Farrell (SDLP) 6th count
Anne McCloskey (Aontú) 6th count
Aileen Mellon (SF) 6th count


Derg (5 seats, Quota 1,335)

Derek Hussey (UUP) 1,267

Keith Kerrigan (DUP) 1,090

Ruairi McHugh (SF) 1,086

Kieran McGuire (SF) 1,075

Cara Hunter (SDLP) 1,032

Maolíosa McHugh (SF) 798

Thomas Kerrigan (DUP) 771

Andy Patton (Ind) 735

Anne Murray (All) 150


Derek Hussey (UUP) 3rd count
Keith Kerrigan (DUP) 3rd count
Cara Hunter (SDLP) 5th count
Kieran McGuire (SF) 5th count
Ruairi McHugh (SF) 5th count


Faughan (5 seats, Quota 1,191)

Graham Warke (DUP) 1,050

Ryan McCready (DUP) 940

Paul Fleming (SF) 854

Rachel Ferguson (All) 783

Paul T Hughes (Ind) 733

William Jamieson (UUP) 710

Brenda Stevenson (SDLP) 693

Jim McKeever (SDLP) 565

Gus Hastings (SDLP) 491

Conor Heaney (SF) 324


Ryan McCready (DUP) 4th count
Graham Warke (DUP) 4th count
Rachel Ferguson (All) 7th count
Paul Fleming (SF) 7th count
Jim McKeever (SDLP) 7th count


Foyleside (5 seats, Quota 1,227)

Mary Durkan (SDLP) 1,231

Shauna Cusack (SDLP) 1,129

Shaun Harkin (PBP) 977

Michael Cooper (SF) 888

Sean Carr (Ind) 822

Lilian Seenoi-Barr (SDLP) 721

Hayleigh Fleming (SF) 632

Eric McGinley (SF) 653

John Doherty (All) 305


Mary Durkan (SDLP) 1st count
Shauna Cusack (SDLP) 3rd count
Shaun Harkin (PBB) 4th count
Sean Carr (Ind) 6th count
Michael Cooper (SF) 6th count


The Moor (5 seats, Quota: 1,292)

Gary Donnelly (Ind) - 1,374

John Boyle (SDLP)  - 1,082

Eamon McCann (PBP) - 1,035

Patricia Logue (SF) - 778

Tina Burke (SF)  - 738

Kevin Campbell (SF) - 712

Cathy Breslin (SDLP) - 669

Sharon Duddy (SF)  - 594

Emmet Doyle (Ind) - 496

Colm Cavanagh (All) - 122

Elected (5 seats)

Gary Donnelly (Ind)
Eamon McCann (PBP) 5th count 
Tina Burke (SF)
John Boyle (SDLP)
Patricia Logue (SF)


Sperrin (7 seats, Quota: 1,364)

Allan Bresland (DUP) - 1,156

Michaela Boyle (SF) - 1,153

Paul Gallagher (Ind) - 1,106

Raymond Barr (Ind) - 920

Maurice Devenney (DUP) - 899

Jason Barr (SDLP) - 832

Steven Edwards (SDLP) 794

Dan Kelly (DF) - 756

Cathal O hOisín (SF) - 740

Brian McMahon (SF)  -  731

Patsy Kelly (Ind) - 595

Andy McKane (UUP) - 530

Scott Moore (All) 437

Pauline McHenry - 128

Corey French (Ind) - 104


Allan Bresland (DUP) 4th count
Michaela Boyle (SF)
Paul Gallagher (Ind)
Raymond Barr (Ind)
Maurice Devenney (DUP)
Jason Barr (SDLP)
Dan Kelly (SF)


Waterside (7 seats, Quota: 1,245)

Darren Guy (UUP) - 1,589

Sinéád McLaughlin (SF) - 1,483

Hillary McClintock (DUP) - 1,250

Martin Reilly (SDLP) - 939

David Ramsey (DUP) - 839

Christopher Jackson (SF) - 825

Sharon McLaughlin (SF) - 784

Drew Thompson (DUP) - 780

Maeve O'Neill (PBP) - 752

Philip McKinney (Alliance)  -  715


Darren Guy (UUP)  1st count
Hilary McClintock (DUP)  1st count
Sinead McLaughlin (SDLP)  1st count 
Martin Reilly (SDLP) 5th count
David Ramsey (DUP)
Christopher Jackson (SF)
Philip McKinney (All)



Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

SF 15 (-2), UUP 9 (-), SDLP 5 (-3), DUP 5 (-), All 1 (+1), CCLA 1 (+1), Ind 4 (+3)

Turnout: 62 per cent


Enniskillen (Quota: 1,033)

Keith Elliott (DUP) 1,161

Paul Blake (SDLP) 955

Tommy Maguire (SF) 946

Debbie Coyle (SF) 761

Robert Irvine (UUP) 753

Donal O Cofaigh (Cross Community Labour Alternative) 720

Howard Thornton (UUP) 651

Donald Crawford (TUV) 492

Simon Wiggins (DUP) 340

Matthew Beaumont (All)

Debbie Coleman (Green)


Keith Elliott (DUP) 1st count
Paul Blake (SDLP) 4th count
Robert Irvine (UUP) 6th count
Howard Thornton (UUP) 6th count
Tommy Maguire (SF) 7th count
Donal O Cofaigh (CCLA) 7th count


Erne East (6 seats, Quota 1,209)

Paul Robinson (DUP) 1,382

Victor Warrington (UUP) 1,352

John McCluskey (Ind) 1,286

Sheamus Greene (SF) 1,032

Garbhan McPhillips (SDLP) 839

Thomas O’Reilly (SF) 829

Noeleen Hayes (SF) 738

Brian McCaffrey (SF) 620

Caroline Wheeler (Ind) 204

Gerry McHugh (Aontú) 174


Paul Robinson (DUP) 1st count
Victor Warrington (UUP) 1st count
John McCluskey (Ind) 1st count
Garbhan McPhillips (SDLP) 6th count
Sheamus Greene (SF) 6th count
Thomas O’Reilly (SF) 6th count


Erne North (5 seats, Quota 1,142)

Diana Armstrong (UUP) 1,186

Siobhan Currie (SF) 1,055

John Coyle (SDLP) 911

John Feely (SF) 769

David Mahon (DUP) 732

Deborah Armstrong (DUP) 668

John McClaughry (UUP) 630

Alex Elliott (TUV) 465

Diane Little (All) 413

Lewis Jennings (Democrats and Veterans Party) 20


Diana Armstrong (UUP) 1st count
John Coyle (SDLP) 2nd count
Siobhan Currie (SF) 3rd count
Deborah Armstrong (DUP) 7th count
John McClaughry (UUP) 7th count


Erne West (5 seats, Quota 1,231)

Alex Baird (UUP) 1,333

Anthony Feely (SF) 1,208

Bernice Swift (SF) 1,159

Chris McCaffrey (SF) 1,136

Fionnuala Leonard (SF) 879

Adam Gannon (SDLP) 611

Carol Johnston (DUP) 547

Trevor Armstrong (Ind) 512


Alex Baird (UUP) 1st count
Bernice Swift (SF) 3rd count
Anthony Feely (SF) 3rd count
Chris McCaffrey (SF) 4th count
Adam Gannon (SDLP) 4th count


Mid Tyrone (6 seats, Quota: 1,156)

Padraigin Kelly (SF) 995

Bert Wilson (UUP) 979

Catherine Kelly (SF) 964

James Managh (DUP) 931

Emmet McAleer (Ind) 897

Sean Clarke (SF) 889

Sean Donnelly (SF) 778

Bernard McGrath (SDLP) 598

Rosemarie Shields (Aontú) 464

Richard Bullick (All) 306

Kevin McColgan (SF) 287


Emmet McAleer (Ind) 5th count
Padraigin Kelly (SF) 6th count
Bert Wilson (UUP) 6th count
Catherine Kelly (SF) 6th count
Sean Clarke (SF) 6th count
Sean Donnelly (SF) 6th count


Omagh (6 seats, Quota 910)

Errol Thompson (DUP) 970

Barry McElduff (SF) 900

Josephine Deehan (Ind) 728

Christopher Smyth (UUP) 633

Stephen Donnelly (All) 616

Anne Marie Fitzgerald (SF) 589

Marty McColgan (SF) 509

Jacinta McKeown (SDLP) 258

Lee Hawkes (SDLP) 256

Sorcha McAnespy (Ind) 194

Margaret Swift (Aontú) 182

Susan Glass (Green) 141

Joanne Donnelly (Ind) 128

Charles Chittick (TUV) 115

Barry Brown (Citizens Independent Social Thought Alliance) 101

Will Convey (Ind) 43


Errol Thompson (DUP) 1st count
Barry McElduff (SF) 4th count
Josephine Anne Deehan (Ind) 8th count
Christopher Smyth (UUP) 11th count
Stephen Donnelly (All) 11th count
Anne Marie Fitzgerald (SF) 11th count


West Tyrone (6 seats, Quota 1,079)

Mark Buchanan (DUP) 1,546

Allan Rainey (UUP) 1,095

Mary Garrity (SDLP) 1,047

Glenn Campbell (SF) 983

Stephen McCann (SF) 839

Ann-Marie Donnelly (SF) 752

Frankie Donnelly (SF) 653

Fia Cowan (All) 390

Cathal McCrory (Aontú) 242


Mark Buchanan (DUP) 1st count
Allan Rainey (UUP) 1st count
Mary Garrity (SDLP) 2nd count
Ann-Marie Donnelly (SF) 5th count
Glenn Campbell (SF) 5th count
Stephen McCann (SF) 6th count



Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

DUP 15 (-5), UUP 11 (+3), All 9 (+2), SDLP 2 (-1), SF 2 (+2), Green 1 (+1), TUV 0 (-1), NI21 0 (-1)

Turnout: 50 per cent


Castlereagh East (6 seats, Quota 998)

Martin Gregg (All) 1,212

Sharon Skillen (DUP) 1,174

Tim Morrow (All) 936

David Drysdale (DUP) 849

John Laverty (DUP) 813

Hazel Legge (UUP) 723

Tommy Jeffers (DUP) 638

Andrew Girvin (TUV) 637


Martin Gregg (All) 1st count
Sharon Skillen (DUP) 1st count
Tim Morrow (All) 2nd count
David Drysdale (DUP) 5th count
John Laverty (DUP) 5th count
Hazel Legge (UUP) 5th count


Castlereagh South (7 seats, Quota 1,135)

Sorcha Eastwood (All) 1,629

Nathan Anderson (DUP) 1,503

Michelle Guy (All) 1,236

Ryan Carlin (SF) 1,069

John Gallen (SDLP) 975

Simon Lee (Green) 648

Michael Henderson (UUP) 628

Rachael McCarthy (SDLP) 463

Jason Elliott (DUP) 335

Geraldine Rice (Ind) 237

Vasundhara Kamble (DUP) 208

Nicola Girvin (TUV) 146


Sorcha Eastwood (All) 1st count
Nathan Anderson (DUP) 1st count
Michelle Guy (All) 1st count
John Gallen (SDLP) 7th count
Ryan Carlin (SF) 8th count
Simon Lee (GRN) 8th count
Michael Henderson (UUP) 10th count


Downshire East (5 seats, Quota 1,030)

Aaron McIntyre (All) 1,318

Andrew Gowan (DUP) 1,133

James Baird (UUP) 950

Uel Mackin (DUP) 905

Alex Swan (UUP) 726

Janet Gray (DUP) 721

Owen Beckett (SDLP) 422


Aaron McIntyre (All) 1st count
Andrew Gowan (DUP) 1st count
James Baird (UUP) 3rd count
Uel Mackin (DUP) 4th count
Alex Swan (UUP) 4th count


Downshire West (5 seats, Quota 1,040)

Owen Gawith (All) 1,616

Caleb McCready (DUP) 1,012

John Palmer (UUP) 915

Allan Ewart (DUP) 670

Jim Dillon (UUP) 667

Vince Curry (DUP) 647

Morgan Crone (SDLP) 308

Luke Robinson (Green) 230

Neil Johnston (Con) 169


Owen Gawith (All) 1st count
Caleb McCready (DUP) 3rd count
John Palmer (UUP) 5th count
Allan Ewart (DUP) 7th count
Jim Dillon (UUP) 7th count


Killultagh (5 seats, Quota 1,253)

David Honeyford (All) 1,524

Thomas Beckett (DUP) 1,006

Gary McCleave (SF) 994

James Tinsley (DUP) 979

William Leathem (DUP) 871

Ross McLernon (UUP) 707

Ally Haydock (SDLP) 695

Alexander Redpath (UUP) 632

Stuart Brown (Ind) 107


David Honeyford (All) 1st count
Ross McLernon (UUP) 4th count
Gary McCleave (SF) 6th count
Thomas Beckett (DUP) 7th count
James Tinsley (DUP) 7th count

Lisburn North (6 seats, Quota 1,047)

Stephen Martin (All) 1,483

Jonathan Craig (DUP) 1,187

Johnny McCarthy (SDLP) 852

Scott Carson (DUP) 846

Nicholas Trimble (UUP) 719

Joe Duffy (SF) 654

Stuart Hughes (UUP) 578

Lindsay Reynolds (DUP) 425

Gary Hynds (Con) 423

Alan Love (Ukip) 156


Stephen Martin (All) 1st count
Jonathan Craig (DUP) 1st count
Johnny McCarthy (SDLP) 2nd count
Scott Carson (DUP) 6th count
Scott Trimble (UUP) 7th count
Stuart Hughes (UUP) 7th count


Lisburn South (6 seats, Quota 995)

Amanda Grehan (All) 929

Jenny Palmer (UUP) 877

Andrew Ewing (DUP) 738

Alan Givan (DUP) 735

Tim Mitchell (UUP) 715

Paul Porter (DUP) 706

Paul Corr (SDLP) 649

Jonny Orr (Ind) 534

Alison Chittick (TUV) 384

Rhoda Walker (DUP) 354

Ricky Taylor (Democratic and Veterans Party) 242

Helen Love (Ukip) 99


Jenny Palmer (UUP) 4th count
Andrew Ewing (DUP) 4th count
Amanda Grehan (All) 5th count
Alan Givan (DUP) 6th count
Tim Mitchell (UUP) 6th count
Paul Porter (DUP) 6th count



Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

DUP 15 (-1), UUP 7 (-2), All 7 (+4), TUV 5 (-), SF 2 (-1), SDLP 1 (-), Ind 3 (+1), Ukip 0 (-1)

Turnout: 48 per cent


Ballymena (7 seats, Quota 870)

James Henry (Ind) 872

Eugene Reid (SDLP) 848

Matthew Armstrong (TUV) 765

Patricia O'Lynn (All) 578

John Carson (DUP) 527

Patrice Hardy (SF) 521

Reuben Glover (DUP) 498

Audrey Wales (DUP) 491

Stephen Nicholl (UUP) 485

Rodney Quigley (Ind) 433

William Logan (DUP) 402

Philip Gordon (TUV) 286

Rab Picken (Ukip) 143

Conal Stewart (Ind) 107


James Henry (Ind) 1st count
Eugene Reid (SDLP) 2nd count
Matthew Armstrong (TUV) 3rd count
Patricia O'Lynn (All) 6th count
John Carson (DUP) 8th count
Audrey Wales (DUP) 8th count
Rodney Quigley (Ind) 8th count


Bannside (6 seats)

BANNSIDE (Quota: 1,154)

Stewart McDonald (TUV) 1,504

Timothy Gaston (TUV) 1,433

Ian Friary (SF) 971

William Robert McNeilly (UUP) 784

Philip Burnside (All) 750

Andrew Hugh Wright (DUP) 749

Thomas Gordon (DUP) 744

Tommy Nicholl (DUP) 690

Jackson Bolton Minford (UUP) 449


Stewart McDonald (TUV) 1st count
Timothy Gaston (TUV) 1st count
William McNeilly (UUP) 4th count
Thomas Gordon (DUP) 6th count
Tommy Nicholl (DUP) 6th count
Ian Friary (SF) 8th count


BRAID (Quota: 1,106)

Robin Cherry (UUP) 1,084

Beth Adger (DUP) 975

Julie Frew (DUP) 926

Christopher Jamieson (TUV) 902

Brian Collins (TUV) 872

William McCaughey (DUP) 825

Keith Turner (UUP) 800

Murial Burnside (All) 703

Collette McAllister (SF) 631

Sam Hanna (DUP) 605

Marian Maguire (Ind) 371

Roni Browne (Ind) 146


Robin Cherry (UUP) 2nd count
Beth Adger (DUP) 3rd count
Julie Frew (DUP) 6th count
Muriel Burnside (All) 6th count
Christopher Jamieson (TUV) 7th count
Brian Collins (TUV) 7th count
William McCaughey (DUP) 7th count


Carrick Castle (5 seats, Quota 943)

Lauren Gray (All) 1,210

Billy Ashe (DUP) 1,069

Cheryl Johnston (DUP) 953

Robin Stewart (UUP) 813

John McDermott (UUP) 445

Noel Jordan (Ind) 431

Si Harvey (Democrats and Veterans) 265

Nicholas Wady (Ind) 244

John McCaw (PUP) 119

John Kennedy (Ukip) 104


Lauren Gray (All) 1st count
Billy Ashe (DUP) 1st count
Cheryl Johnston (DUP) 1st count
Robin Stewart (UUP) 5th count
John McDermott (UUP) 7th count


Coast Road (5 seats, Quota 937)

Geraldine Mulvenna (All) 1,214

Andrew Clarke (DUP) 973

James McKeown (SF) 873

Angela Smyth (DUP) 764

Maureen Morrow (UUP) 728

Ruth Wilson (TUV) 601

Martin Wilson (Independent) 460


Geraldine Mulvenna (Alliance) 1st count
Andrew Clarke (DUP) 1st count
James McKeown (SF) 4th count
Maureen Morrow (UUP) 4th count
Angela Smyth (DUP) 5th count


Knockagh (5 seats, Quota 951)

Noel Williams (All) 1,173

Peter Johnston (DUP) 967

Marc Collins (DUP) 846

Bobby Hadden (Ind) 798

Andrew Wilson (UUP) 782

Lindsay Millar (UUP) 624

May Beattie (TUV) 328

David Barnett (DUP) 185


Noel Williams (All) 1st count
Peter Johnston (DUP) 1st count
Marc Collins (DUP) 3rd count
Bobby Hadden (Ind) 3rd count
Andrew Wilson (UUP) 4th count


Larne Lough (5 seats, Quota 998)

Gregg McKeen (DUP) 1,166

Danny Donnelly (All) 1,057

Mark McKinty (UUP) 983

Paul Reid (DUP) 806

Robert Logan (All) 719

Andy Wilson (UUP) 564

James Strange (TUV) 435

Robert Robinson (Green) 256


Gregg McKeen (DUP) 1st count
Danny Donnelly (All) 1st count
Mark McKinty (UUP) 3rd count
Paul Reid (DUP) 4th count
Robert Logan (All) 6th count



Mid Ulster District Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

SF 17 (-1), DUP 9 (+1), UUP (-1), SDLP 6 (-), Ind 2 (+1)

Turnout: 60 per cent


Clogher Valley (6 seats, Quota 1,300)

Frances Burton (DUP) 1,891

Sharon McAleer (SDLP) 1,635

Sean McGuigan (SF) 1,494

Phelim Gildernew (SF) 1,352

Wilis Robinson (DUP) 1,083

Meta Graham (UUP) 990

Robert Mulligan (UUP) 650


Frances Burton (DUP) 1st count
Sharon McAleer (SDLP) 1st count
Sean McGuigan (SF) 1st count
Phelim Gildernew (SF) 1st count
Wilis Robinson (DUP) 2nd count
Meta Graham (UUP) 4th count


Magherafelt (5 seats, Quota 1,216)

Darren Totten (SF) 1,665

Wesley Brown (DUP) 1,218

Paul McLean (DUP) 1,213

Christine McFlynn (SDLP) 1,206

Sean Clarke (SF) 1,058

George Shiels (UUP) 996

Kevin Donnelly (Aontú) 214


Darren Totten (SF) 1st count
Christine McFlynn (SDLP) 2nd count
Sean Clarke (SF) 3rd count
Wesley Brown (DUP) 5th count
Paul McLean (DUP) 5th count


Dungannon (6 seats, Quota 1,185)

Clement Cuthbertson (DUP) 1,833

Barry Monteith (Ind) 1,414

Dominic Molloy (SF) 995

Kim Ashton (DUP) 807

Deirdre Varsani (SF) 718

Denise Mullen (SDLP) 710

Walter Cuddy (UUP) 607

Kim McNeill (UUP) 434

Mel Boyle (All) 431

Niall Bowen (Ind) 345


Clement Cuthbertson (DUP) 1st count
Barry Monteith (Ind) 1st count
Kim Ashton (DUP) 2nd count
Dominic Molloy (SF) 6th count
Walter Cuddy (UUP) 7th count
Denise Mullen (SDLP) 8th count


Cookstown (7 seats, Quota 1,156)

Cathal Mallaghan (SF) 1,710

John McNamee (SF) 1,369

Kerri Hughes (SDLP) 1,339

Wilbert Buchanan (DUP) 1,225

Trevor Wilson (UUP) 1,041

Gavin Bell (SF) 840

Mark Glasgow (UUP) 793

Grace Neville (DUP) 694

Alan Day (TUV) 230


Cathal Mallaghan (SF) 1st count
John McNamee (SF) 1st count
Kerri Hughes (DUP) 1st count
Wilbert Buchanan (DUP) 1st count
Gavin Bell (SF) 2nd count
Trevor Wilson (UUP) 5th count
Mark Glasgow (UUP) 6th count


Moyola (5 seats, Quota 1,313)

Ian Milne (SF) 1,710

Anne Forde (DUP) 1,619

Catherine Elattar (SF) 1,388

Denise Johnston (SDLP) 920

Derek McKinney (UUP) 906

Donal McPeake (SF) 906

Aidan Bradley (All) 298

Hugh Scullion (Workers Party) 95


Ian Milne (SF) 1st count
Anne Forde (DUP) 1st count
Catherine Elattar (SF) 1st count
Donal McPeake (SF) 3rd count
Derek McKinney (UUP) 4th count


Carntogher (5 seats, Quota 1,325)

Brian McGuigan (SF) 1,406

Kyle Black (DUP) 1,228

Sean McPeake (SF) 1,164

Martin Kearney (SDLP) 1,071

Cora Groogan (SF) 990

Paul Henry (SF) 763

Pádraigin Ui Raifeartaigh (Aontú) 632

Christopher Reid (UUP) 555

James Armour (Ind) 138


Brian McGuigan (SF) 1st count
Kyle Black (DUP) 4th count
Martin Kearney (SDLP) 5th count
Sean McPeake (SF) 6th count
Cora Groogan (SF) 6th count


Torrent (6 seats, Quota 1,300)

Malachy Quinn (SDLP) 1,631

Dan Kerr (Ind) 1,525

Ronan McGinley (SF) 1,173

Robert Colvin (UUP) 1,018

Niamh Doris (SF) 1,002

Joe O’Neill (SF) 994

Ian McCrea (DUP) 899

Mickey Gillespie (SF) 856


Malachy Quinn (SDLP) 1st count
Dan Kerr (Ind) 1st count
Robert Colvin (UUP) 4th count
Niamh Doris (SF) 6th count
Joe O’Neill (SF) 6th count
Ronan McGinley (SF) 6th count



Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

41 seats

Change since 2014:

SF 16 (+2), SDLP 11 (-3), UUP 4 (+1), DUP 3 (-1), All 2 (-), Ind 5 (+2), Ukip 0 (-1)


Crotlieve (6 seats, Quota 1,641)

Jarlath Tinnelly (Ind)1,412

Gerry O'Hare (SF) 1,286

Mark Gibbons (Ind) 1,189

Declan McAteer (SDLP) 1,175

Karen McKevitt (SDLP) 1,116

Mickey Ruane (SF) 812

Oksana McMahon (SF) 809

Michael Carr (SDLP) 808

Jim Boylan (Ind) 788

Joshua Lowry (UUP) 712

Mary Tinnelly (Ind) 519

Lorcan McGreevy (All) 483

Wilma McCullough (DUP) 371


Jarlath Tinnelly (Ind) 5th count
Gerry O’Hare (SF) 6th count
Mark Gibbons (Ind) 9th count
Declan McAteer (SDLP) 9th count
Karen McKevitt (SDLP) 9th count
Mickey Ruane (SF) 9th count


Downpatrick (5 seats, Quota 1,232)

Gareth Sharvin (SDLP) 1,395

Cadogan Enright (Ind) 1,052

Oonagh Hanlon (SF) 1,032

Dermot Curran (SDLP) 940

Jordan Madden (SF) 833

John Trainor (SDLP) 664

Macartan Digney (Aontú) 475

Tiernan Laird (All) 375

Alex Burgess (UUP) 345

James Savage (DUP) 149

Jamie Kennedy (Green) 128


Gareth Sharvin (SDLP) 1st count
Cadogan Enright (Ind) 5th count
Dermot Curran (SDLP) 6th count
Oonagh Hanlon (SF) 7th count
John Trainor (SDLP) 7th count


Newry (6 seats, Quota 1,415)

Gavin Malone (Ind) 2,296

Liz Kimmins (SF) 1,374

Michael Savage (SDLP) 1,231

Charlie Casey (SF) 1,230

Valerie Harte (SF) 1,045

Gary John Strokes (SDLP) 878

Sarah Jane McAllister (SF) 784

Helena Young (All) 721

Ricky McGaffin (UUP) 341


Gavin Malone (Ind) 1st count
Liz Kimmins (SF) 2nd count
Michael Savage (SDLP) 2nd count
Charlie Casey (SF) 2nd count
Valerie Harte (SF) 5th count
Gary John Stokes (SDLP) 6th count


Rowallane (5 seats, Quota 1,295)

Patrick Brown (All) 1,416

Harry Harvey (DUP) 1,265

Terry Andrews (SDLP) 1,211

William Walker (DUP) 985

Robert Burgess (UUP) 842

Walter Lyons (UUP) 667

Marianne Cleary (SF) 622

Martyn Todd (Ind) 477

Emma Cairns (Green) 182

Liam Mulhern (Aontú) 99


Patrick Brown (All) 1st count
Terry Andrews (SDLP) 2nd count
Harry Harvey (DUP) 4th count
William Walker (DUP) 6th count
Robert Burgess (UUP) 6th count


Slieve Croob (5 seats, Quota 1,364)

Alan Lewis (UUP) 1,303

Cathy Mason (SF) 1,069

Roisin Howell (SF) 1,035

John Rice (SF) 884

Hugh Gallagher (SDLP) 880

Maynard Hanna (DUP) 868

Gregory Bain (All) 863

Mark Murnin (SDLP) 796

Tracy Harkin (Aontú) 481


Alan Lewis (UUP) 3rd count
Cathy Mason (SF) 5th count
Roisin Howell (SF) 5th count
Hugh Gallagher (SDLP) 6th count
Gregory Bain (All) 6th count


Slieve Gullion (7 seats, Quota 1,566)

Terry Hearty (SF) 1,876

Mickey Larkin (SF) 1,646

Pete Byrne (SDLP) 1,643

Oonagh Magennis (SF) 1,622

Roisin Mulgrew (SF) 1,362

Barra O Muiri (SF) 1,351

David Taylor (UUP) 1,287

Kate Loughran (SDLP) 1,059

Balazs Gazdag (All) 361

Linda Henry (DUP) 315


Terry Hearty (SF) 1st count
Mickey Larkin (SF) 1st count
Pete Byrne (SDLP) 1st count
Oonagh Magennis (SF) 1st count
Barra O Muiri (SF) 2nd count
David Samuel Taylor (UUP) 3rd count
Roisin Mulgrew (SF) 4th count


The Mournes (7 seats, Quota 1,514)

Glyn Hanna (DUP) 1,944

Sean Doran (SF) 1,885

Laura Devlin (SDLP) 1,572

Harold McKee (UUP) 1,455

Henry Reilly (Ind) 1,447

Willie Clarke (SF) 1,154

Leanne McEvoy (SF) 1,097

Andrew McMurray (All) 943

Brian Quinn (SDLP) 607


Glyn Hanna (DUP) 1st count
Sean Doran (SF) 1st count
Laura Devlin (SDLP) 1st count
Harold McKee (UUP) 2nd count
Henry Reilly (Ind) 2nd count
Willie Clarke (SF) 7th count
Leeanne McEvoy (SF) 7th count

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