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'West really is best!' - Former DUP leader and Fermanagh resident Arlene Foster joins Impartial Reporter

Arlene Foster is set to join the Impartial Reporter as a columnist.
Arlene Foster is set to join the Impartial Reporter as a columnist.

Former DUP leader and Fermanagh resident, Arlene Foster has announced she is joining the Impartial Reporter as a columnist.

Since being ousted from her party in 2021, Baroness Foster has forged a new career in journalism as a regular presenter on the GB News channel.

Impartial Reporter editor Rodney Edwards, who recently contributed to the Irish News' Stephen Nolan investigation, commented: "Arlene Foster is joining The Impartial Reporter as a columnist.

"No longer a member of the DUP, I look forward to her offering her opinion and sparking debate. (Impartial Reporter) should encompass a wide spectrum of views. More announcements on this next week."

She responded: "Looking forward to being a columnist in the paper I grew up with - unionism, community and living in the best county in Our Wee Country. West really is best!" 

Most recently, Baroness Foster hosted live coverage of the Twelfth celebrations for GB News and in June she publicly accused senior Sinn Féin leaders of normalising violence by attending "glorifying events".

While still enjoying a popular following in the unionist community, Baroness Foster's continued support of Brexit and record with the RHI green energy scandal during her time at Stormont makes her a divisive figure for others.

With further details to come on her new assignment next week, staff at the Impartial Reporter will no doubt hope that even those readers who don't agree with her will still be curious enough to pick up a copy.

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