Northern Ireland

Father praises pupils, staff of Methody for saving life of a teenage son

 Methodist College Belfast. Picture by Cliff Donaldson
 Methodist College Belfast. Picture by Cliff Donaldson

Friends and teachers saved the life of a teenager who collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest at school, his father believes.

Oliver McGreevy, aged 14, suffered the cardiac arrest as he was playing touch rugby at Methodist College in south Belfast at the end of April.

His father Aaron said his son’s heart stopped beating for more than eight minutes.

Mr McGreevy said the staff and other pupils were able to conduct CPR before the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

“Oliver is doing remarkably well, to be honest with you, you wouldn’t really know anything has happened to him,” Mr McGreevy told the Belfast Telegraph.

“You just wouldn’t believe it but he is exactly the same child that we knew before this all happened.”

Oliver was transferred to Dublin for surgery to have a implantable defibrillator fitted. 

“But he is doing absolutely amazing and we have even been back to the school to see his friends and2 the teachers who saved him, which was a pretty emotional experience.