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Pilot has lucky escape after plane flips over on Co Derry beach

Tony Fitzpatrick and a number of bystanders came to the aid of the pilot after the plane flipped over

A pilot has had a lucky escape after his plane flipped over on a beach at Magilligan Point on Saturday.

The incident happened after the pilot came in to land.

"We were having lunch nearby and saw something strange on the beach," Tony Fitzpatrick told BBC NI.

"We got there and the plane was upside down. The pilot was OK, with just a mark on his head," he said.

"The pilot told us that he landed on soft sand and the plane flipped over."

Tony, his wife Sharon and a number of bystanders came to the aid of the pilot to help right the plane.

"He had rope tied to the plane and a number of people managed to get it upright," added Tony.

"It was a race against the tide. After we got it flipped, the pilot went to get someone to tow it off the beach."

It is not clear whether the pilot had intended to land on the beach or was performing an emergency landing.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said they will be conducting an investigation into the incident.



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