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Man remanded into custody accused of raping woman as she walked home on St Patrick's Day

The defendant was charged with a single count of rape on March 17

A MAN was remanded into custody on Monday accused of raping a woman as she walked home on St Patrick’s Day in Lisburn.

Appearing at the city's Magistrates Court by videolink from police custody, Jamie Given (31) was charged with a single count of rape on 17 March this year.

While Given, of no fixed abode, confirmed that he understood the charge, a detective said she believed she could him to the single charge.

The officer outlined how the alleged victim and her friend had been out socialising that day and were walking home when they were approached by Given, a man neither women knew but they had seen him earlier in the day.

Having walked near them for a time, “they lost sight of him” and the complainant walked her friend home before beginning to make her way to her own home.

As she walked down an alleyway however, Given allegedly “grabbed her by the shoulder and raped her” and when the alleged attack was over, “he insisted on walking her home.”

While the alleged victim attended the rape enquiry centre and was examined that night, it was a week before she “found the confidence” to make a formal complaint.

Arrested and interviewed Given denied he had been out or had even met anyone that evening but the court heard that a selfie taken by the complainant showed the defendant.

The court also heard that CCTV footage showed Given with “markings” on his knees and that the location of the allayed rape attack is “quite muddy.”

Defence counsel Joel Lindsay conceded that with his claims of no sex at all, if the forensic evidence proves otherwise “that will be the end of any case he has.”

He submitted that Given could be freed with a package of bail conditions but District Judge Rosie Watters disagreed and remanding Given into custody until April 24.


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