Northern Ireland

Man told Derry police they were 'nothing but Fenian b******s'

A man who told police they were "nothing but Fenian b******s" has been given a suspended sentence at Derry Magistrate's Court.

Leslie Thomas Miller (34), of Aughlish Court in Derry, admitted a series of charges that occurred in October and November last year.

The court on Friday heard that police were called to a concern for safety to Tesco at Lisnagelvin.

Police told Miller they were taking him to hospital and he became aggressive and told them "it would take more than the two of them."

He tried to walk past police and when they tried to stop him he became aggressive and kicked out at officers making contact with one of them.

Eventually limb restraints had to be used on him due to his aggression.

The court also heard about charges relating to an incident on November 11 that were aggravated by hostility.

The court heard that again in a concern for safety issue an ambulance crew was treating Miller.

He stated 'shouting and swearing' and 'due to his volatile nature' police had to intervene.

Miller made his sectarian comment at this stage before he was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital.

While there he continued to be aggressive lashing out at police and hospital staff asked for him to be removed.

Once outside he kicked the door of a police vehicle.

It was decided that Miller was too "volatile and aggressive" to be treated.

Defence solicitor Derwin Harvey said Miller "was not sectarian by nature and had no religious hostility to anyone."

District Judge Barney McElholm sentenced him to 4 months in prison suspended for two years, two years probation and ordered him to pay £200 in compensation to each police officer he assaulted and £500 to the Friends of Altnagelvin.