Northern Ireland

Man jailed after urinating on ambulance equipment

A man who "intentionally urinated" on a medical kit belonging to an ambulance crew causing damage estimated at £1,000 has been jailed at Derry Magistrate's Court.

Paul Farren (33), of Duncreggan Road in Derry, admitted two charges of disorderly behaviour and one of criminal damage that occurred on December 16 last.

The court heard on Friday that police were called to assist ambulance staff who were treating Farren who had become aggressive.

He was 'verbally abusive' and then the court heard he intentionally urinated on the kit belonging to the ambulance crew.

Some of the items could be sterilised but the loss was put at £1,000.

The ambulance itself had to be taken off the road for several hours to be cleaned.

While being taken into custody Farren again urinated in a police vehicle.

Defence counsel Stephen Chapman said that "in sobriety" Farren had expressed remorse.

Farren was sentenced to six months in prison.