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Row over trans player in ladies' GAA football final prompts debate on policy

A dispute over a trans woman playing for a ladies' football side last week has prompted a discussion on policy in the Ladies' Gaelic Football Association.
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THE Ladies' Gaelic Football Association has said it is in discussions about developing a policy on trans participants following an on-pitch row over a trans player during a game in Dublin.

Last Wednesday's Dublin Junior J Shield football final saw LGBT Dublin club Na Gaeil Aeracha beat Kildare rivals Na Fianna's ladies E team, but the presence of a trans Na Gaeil Aeracha player led to the referee stopping the match after the first break in play.

It was reported that the referee questioned the inclusion of the player before being told by the Na Gaeil Aeracha captain that he was referring to a trans woman.

The team was advised that even if they won the match, Na Fianna could appeal the result over the player's eligibility.

The player was substituted at half-time, but images of the woman playing in a previous match were circulated online.

The Na Gaeil Aeracha club's policy states members "may play at training or in a match for the team they best identify with, without restriction".

The club has since locked its social media accounts.

A social media profile of the player describes wanting to play for a ladies side "because of sisterhood, validation and political visibility; as a trans woman those things are very important to me".

A spokesperson for the Ladies' Gaelic Football Association said it was "currently working in consultation with our counterparts in the GAA, and from other sporting organisations, in relation to developing policy in this area".


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