Northern Ireland

Victims and politicians to meet on Troubles amnesty

Victims campaigner Raymond McCord
Victims campaigner Raymond McCord Victims campaigner Raymond McCord

Victims and politicians opposed to British government plans to introduce a Troubles amnesty will meet later today.

The gathering has been organised by campaigner Raymond McCord.

His son Raymond Jr was beaten to death by a UVF gang in November 1997.

Some of those believed to have been involved in the brutal murder include police informers.

The meeting comes after the British government announced plans to introduce a Troubles amnesty and end civil cases and inquests.

Among those due to attend are DUP and Alliance Party MPs Jim Shannon and Stephen Farry along with SDLP Policing Board member Dolores Kelly.

A cross-community section of victims relatives will also be present along with Julie Hambleton, whose sister was killed in the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings.

Mr McCord last night said "there can be no amnesty for members of paramilitary organisations, loyalist or republican, state forces or agents".

He added that relatives will not accept the British government proposals.

"We are saying that is dismantling the justice system for its own agenda and continuing the cover up of their own involvement with terrorist murderers who were in their pay," he said.

Mr McCord added that "this is not about orange or green, unionist or nationalist, this is about people who were murdered and the state are saying they don't matter, that's what this is about".