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Ed Sheeran tells of his `love' and links to Ireland

English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has spoken about his "love" for Northern Ireland. Picture by Ian West/PA Wire
Marie Louise McConville

ED Sheeran has spoken fondly about his love for, and close links to, Ireland.

The 30-year-old singer's grandfather was born in Belfast while his grandmother hails from Wexford.

Sheeran, who became a father last year, has returned to the music scene with a new single following a four-year break.

Speaking to Declan Wilson on Q Radio, he talked about his links to George Lowden of Co Down firm, Lowden, his chosen acoustic guitar makers.

In 2019, the firm announced a collaboration to create a range of acoustic guitars called Sheeran by Lowden.

"I love Northern Ireland," Sheeran said.

"I get over there quite a bit to see George and the guys at Lowden. We've built a new factory for the guitars.

"What I love about George is, it's all local people being trained up to make these guitars."

He also revealed he is enjoying doing online press interviews as he gets more family time.

"I did 128 interviews in Europe over two days when Lyra and Cherry were away with her family," he said.

"That would have usually taken like four months and being able to do that in two days, I have got more family time. My interviews end basically when her nap ends and then I can just go back rather than travelling around the world and not seeing my family."

While he described online gigs as a "good substitute" he revealed he is hoping to be touring next year but it depends on "how the world opens up".

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