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Bronagh Gallagher spent lockdown 'wandering the back roads of Derry and Donegal' working on song with Noel Hogan

Actress Bronagh Gallagher
Actress Bronagh Gallagher Actress Bronagh Gallagher

ACTRESS Bronagh Gallagher has told how she spent months "wandering the back roads of Derry and Donegal" working on a new song with The Cranberries musician Noel Hogan.

The track, Crybaby, was compiled virtually by the two stars through song-writing sessions over phone calls and messages.

Gallagher, who hails from Derry and starred in The Commitments and television series Brassic, said she was honoured to be asked to collaborate.

"I thought it was a lovely idea to try and make something together, as it was a whole new challenge and a way of writing that I hadn't explored before," she told RTÉ.

"Noel sent me the music and I spent the first three months of lockdown last year wandering the back roads of Derry and Donegal on my own, listening to it and coming up with a narrative about this character who was not yet able to see the great beauty of life - but through music and dance, she began to find her happiness and see the miracle of creation.

"So, I guess it’s kind of a fairytale... I’m blown away with how it’s all turned out and the production Noel had created around it all."

Out on Saturday, it is Hogan's first release since The Cranberries’ Grammy-nominated In the End in April 2019, released a year after the death of the Limerick band's lead singer Dolores O'Riordan.

"I have kept writing since the band ended and built up a collection of songs," he said.

"Bronagh and I met through a mutual friend, not having met because of lockdown.

"Through phone calls and messages, the song was put together. It’s not Bronagh’s usual style of song but that was the idea."