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Quinn Industrial Holdings to be rebranded as Mannok

Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) is to be rebranded as Mannok

SEAN Quinn’s name has been dropped from the companies he founded following a rebranding announced yesterday.

Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) has said that the company will now be called Mannok.

The new name comes from Fear Manach – the Irish origin of ‘Fermanagh’ where Mr Quinn's cross-border cement and glass and packaging empire first began.

The distinctive golden Q logo will be replaced with a green M logo.

It was reported yesterday that the rebranding operation took place over the weekend amid tight security due to fears of a backlash from supporters of Mr Quinn.

Fermanagh businessman Sean Quinn, pictured in 2012. Picture by Paul Faith/PA Wire

Repeated attacks on QIH have been carried out in recent years by people who have sought Mr Quinn's return to the business.

Five of the company’s directors are living under garda protection following a five-year campaign of intimidation against the company that escalated last year when Kevin Lunney was abducted and tortured.

Mr Quinn, who lost control of his business empire amid Ireland's economic crash, has repeatedly condemned the attacks and insisted he and his family have no involvement with them.

Liam McCaffrey from the company said: "Looking ahead to 2021, and a post Brexit environment, we are extremely pleased to unveil our new brand identity which we believe better reflects the ownership, evolution and future focus of the business.

"It marks the culmination of a five-year transformation programme that has empowered our staff and repositioned our businesses for continuing growth and innovation.

"Our businesses are now in the strongest position since their acquisition in 2014 and Mannok is an appropriate and much more expansive brand proposition that reflects what our customers value most - a professional one-stop-shop for building and packaging solutions and the support of exceptional staff."

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