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Drivers urged not to warn others about Covid-19 checkpoints

Garda Grainne Doherty urged motorists not to "flash their lights" to warn of Covid-19 checkpoints.
Seamus McKinney

DRIVERS in Donegal have been urged to stop alerting oncoming drivers to the presence of Covid-19 checkpoints.

Gardaí have stepped up patrols and checkpoints across the county to deter unnecessary travel. Officers at checkpoints on all major roads into Donegal from Northern Ireland have been advising motorists to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by remaining at home.

Checkpoints have been put in place in other parts of the county to ensure that local residents are adhering to the Republic's 5 km limit on travel.

However, a Garda spokeswoman said efforts to curtail the spread of the virus could be hampered by motorists who alert other drivers to the presence of checkpoints and patrols.

Grainne Doherty said she was personally alerted to the presence of a checkpoint while travelling in her own car recently by three motorists who flashed their headlights at her.

“I presumed there might have been a speed checkpoint up ahead as that would usually be the reason for getting flashed on the road. It was actually a Covid-19 checkpoint ahead by Guards," she said.

Adding that checkpoints were being set up for the protection of everyone against the coronavirus, the garda said: “We're not out there to get people; we're there for the benefit of the community and I would like to ask people not to flash to warn other motorists on the road if there is a Covid-19 checkpoint ahead.

“Hopefully, we are saving lives by conducting these checkpoints and reminding people and encouraging them to adhere to the restrictions."

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