Northern Ireland

Puppies found dumped in a box on Co Tyrone roadside

Puppies dumped on the side of a road in Co Tyrone. PICTURE from Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs/ Facebook

Four puppies have been found dumped on the roadside in Co Tyrone, an animal rehoming centre has said.

The animals, believed to be to be a Collie Husky mix and around 8 to 10 weeks old, were found by a member of the public.

It is thought they had been bred in August to be sold for the Christmas market.

Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs, which is located in Stewartstown, said it was the fourth litter brought in to them over the festive period.

Sharing a photograph on their Facebook page on Tuesday of the four pups in a plastic box, the centre said: “A box of pups where dumped out and rescued by a member of public on the Stewartstown/Coalisland Road late this evening.

“They are approx 8-10 weeks old.

“There is one male and three sisters.

“They will spend the start of the New Year in isolation at the rehoming centre until they are suitable for new homes.

“This is the fourth litter over the festive period and as you know the cost of electric, food to keep these wee guys going is very expensive.

“We appreciate any help that you can afford.”

It comes just over a week after another box with pups inside was found abandoned on a roadside.

Aged just three to four weeks, the four puppies were discovered in a “poor condition”.

Another set of puppies were found abandoned shortly before Christmas. PICTURE from Mid Ulster Rehoming Centre for Dogs/ Facebook

The centre has appealed for help in supporting the abandoned puppies and has posted a link for those wishing to donate.