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Pro-peace GAA group to protest outside Israeli embassy over Gaza

Around 32,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israel forces

More than 32,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed during the fighting (AP Photo/Fatima Shbair)
More than 32,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed as famine threatens (Fatima Shbair/AP)

GAA members opposed to the ongoing bombardment of Gaza are to hold a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin next week.

Gaels Against Genocide, set up by GAA members to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people, has been involved in numerous protests since the Israeli operation began.

Around 32,000 Palestinians, including thousands of women and children, have been killed in Gaza by Israeli forces since last October.

Earlier this week the UN Security Council called for an immediate ceasefire, while the organisation’s famine review committee say a famine is now “imminent” in some parts of the region.

Israel has largely ignored calls for a ceasefire since it launched its operation after around 1,200 people were killed during a Hamas-led attack inside Israeli territory last October, during which around 200 hostages were taken.

Michael Doherty, from Gaels Against Genocide, said that the Israeli embassy in Dublin will now be the focus of a peaceful protest next Wednesday.

“The purpose of protesting at the Israeli embassy is to demand the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador immediately by the Irish government,” he said.

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There is widespread support for the plight of Palestinian civilians in Gaza across Ireland and Britain

Mr Doherty added that Gaels against Genocide also want to see an immediate ceasefire and “immediate withdrawal of all Israeli Forces from Gaza”.

He said there needs to be an “end to the deliberate starvation of the Gaza population” while “humanitarian aid” should be allowed into the area.

“We are asking people to bring pictures/posters/placards with photos of children and families who have been murdered with their names and ages and display them on Friday and next Wednesday,” he said.

Wednesday’s protest in Dublin will begin at noon and last for an hour.

A separate protest will take place outside Belfast City Hall at 12.30pm on Friday for 32 minutes, “to remember the 32,000 plus Palestinians who have been murdered by Israeli forces in Gaza to date”.

Mr Doherty has also urged GAA supporters to bring Palestinian flags to the televised national football finals this weekend, which will involve several northern counties.