Northern Ireland

Police Ombudsman Marie Anderson refuses to say if she has been interviewed after alleged domestic incident

West Midlands Police called in by PSNI last year

Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Marie Anderson
Police Ombudsman Marie Anderson

The Police Ombudsman’s office and West Midlands Police have refused to confirm if Marie Anderson has been interviewed as part of an investigation linked to an alleged domestic incident last year.

The PSNI referred the alleged incident to the external police force last October.

A the time, the PSNI said officers “received a report of a domestic incident” and attended an address in Co Down on Saturday, September 23″.

“Police were unable to gain access to the address and following contact, a man aged 63 was arrested for common assault and interviewed at Musgrave station on Sunday 24 September,” a spokeswoman said.

The man was later released, and a file was to be forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service.

The PSNI also confirmed it had asked “West Midlands Police to lead an investigation and assess whether there are any further criminal offences following an alleged incident in Co Down”.

Sources suggest that Ms Anderson, who took up the ombudsman’s role in 2019, held discussions with a senior PSNI officer after the alleged incident.

When asked if Ms Anderson had been interviewed as part of the West Midlands investigation, a spokeswoman for the Police Ombudsman said: “We don’t comment on an on-going investigation.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police also refused to confirm if Ms Anderson has been interviewed or when its investigation will be completed.

“There is an ongoing police investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment at this time,” a spokesman said.