Northern Ireland

Police investigate Facebook posts branded ‘sinister and pathetic’ by Stephen Farry

Posts include photos of Mr Farry on the campaign trail taken ‘clandestinely’

Alliance party MP Stephen Farry said the election represented the opportunity for change
Alliance Party deputy leader Stephen Farry. (Liam McBurney/PA)

Police are investigating after Alliance Party Westminster candidate Stephen Farry said pictures of him on the campaign trail had been taken “clandestinely " and shared on a “toxic” social media platform.

Mr Farry, who is campaigning to retain the North Down seat, posted screenshots from a Facebook page to his X account on Sunday. The screenshots included pictures of him and party colleagues campaigning with leaflets in the constituency.

The Alliance deputy leader said the images of himself and campaign colleagues taken without their knowledge was “both rather sinister and pathetic”.

“Such intimidation is an issue for the safety of me and my team, but it won’t deter us. I call on all fellow candidates in North Down to condemn such behaviour.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police are aware of these social media posts and an investigation is ongoing.”