Northern Ireland

Mural based on images sent by Palestinians to be unveiled on west Belfast international wall

Protest also planned outside McDonald’s on Saturday

Mural in support of Palestinians on the international wall in west Belfast
Mural in support of Palestinians on the international wall in west Belfast

A mural based on images sent by Palestinians will be unveiled on the International Wall in west Belfast this weekend.

The unveiling on Sunday on the Falls Road is one of a number of events planned to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Protestors are also planning to march on the US Consulate the day before St Patrick’s Day, in part attempting to send a message to Irish America that “Ireland stands opposed to US complicity in Israel’s Genocide”.

The McDonald's fast-food restaurant at Donegal Place in Belfast city centre
The McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Belfast city centre

Also planned is a protest outside McDonald’s on Castle Junction, part of an international boycott campaign against the fast food restaurant.

Those opposed to the continued Israeli attack on Gaza organised the boycott in response to what they say is McDonald’s franchisee in Israel supporting the country’s troops and legal action against a Palestinian solidarity group in Malaysia.

The mural to be officially unveiled on Sunday began lift before the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. It was planned last summer following a visit to Belfast by a Palestinian from Ramallah on the West Bank.

She was impressed by the International Wall and the plan was to have one similar in Palestine, with artists from the north and Palestine working together.

Pro-Palestine supporters march from Queen’s University  to to the US consulate on Sunday.
Pro-Palestine march Pro-Palestine supporters march from Queen’s University to the US consulate early last month. PICTURE: COLM LENAGHAN

It was planned to send images from here to Palestine, where they would be recreated by artists. Following the Hamas attack and Israeli bombardment of Gaza, a different plan emerged, with Palestinian artists encouraged to send images for reproduction on the international wall.

Organisers said the “idea is to remove many if not all the murals currently on the wall and replace them with images sent from Palestine”.

The protest outside McDonald’s is being organised in part over a legal action by the franchisee In Malaysia against the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in the country.