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Michelle O’Neill expected to attend first Northern Ireland game at Windsor Park on Tuesday

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Stormont Assembly First Minister Michelle O’Neill is expected to attend her first Northern Ireland football game at Windsor Park on Tuesday. (Oliver McVeigh/PA)

THE First Minister Michelle O’Neill is set to attend her first Northern Ireland game at Windsor Park on Tuesday.

Ms O’Neill will join the deputy First Minister Emma Little-Pengelly when the Northern Ireland women’s side take on Montenegro for the Uefa Women’s Nations League play-off at 7pm, the BBC has reported.

Junior ministers Aisling Reilly from Sinn Féin and the DUP’s Pam Cameron are also expected to attend.

While a first for Ms O’Neill, other Sinn Féin representatives have attended Northern Ireland games in the past.

Former sports minister Carál Ní Chuilín watched the Northern Ireland men’s team in 2011 for their Euro Qualifier against the Faroe Islands.

At the time, she took her seat after the British national anthem was played and spoke of receiving a warm welcome at Windsor Park.

In 2016, Sinn Féin’s former deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness also attended Northern Ireland’s Germany clash in Euro 2016.

With her pledge to be First Minister for all, Ms O’Neill has made other cross-community gestures in the past including meeting with King Charles in Hillsborough.

Over the weekend, while welcoming the new GAA President Jarlath Burns to his role, Ms O’Neill posted on social media: “I believe in the power of sports to unite communities and bring people together from across the political divide, north-south and from across these two islands.”

Meanwhile, Mr Burns also confirmed he will be attending Tuesday’s game at Windsor Park.