Northern Ireland

Lisburn motorist fined and given penalty points for driving with icy windscreen

The driver was stopped in the Mahon Road area

A picture of a driver in a car waiting for their windscreen to clear of ice, with a police officer handing a licence back to them
Icy Window A driver was pulled over in Lisburn after their windows weren't cleared. Picture from Facebook (NI Road Policing and Safety)

A DRIVER in Lisburn was stopped and fined by police for having an icy windscreen that restricted visibility.

The PSNI last night issued a £65 fine and three penalty points on the motorist’s licence, with the driver having to wait 30 minutes for the screen to clear before being allowed to level the Mahon Road area.

In a social media post, the PSNI’s Road Policing and Safety team said: “Please make sure your windows are cleared of any condensation, ice, snow or anything else that impairs your ability to view the road ahead before you start your journey.”

This comes as Northern Ireland is experiencing temperatures as low as minus 5C today, following on from the cold weather experienced yesterday as well.

A Met Office warning for ice and snow is in place for all of Northern Ireland today.