Northern Ireland

Key suspects in Sean Brown murder previously identified

Suspects named in High Court writ

LVF leader Billy Wright who was shot dead by the INLA inside the Maze Prison in December 1997
LVF founder Billy Wright

The role of state agents in the murder of GAA official Sean Brown has been suspected for almost three decades.

In 2017, members of the LVF gang thought to be responsible were named in a writ lodged with the High Court by lawyers acting for Mr Brown’s widow Bridie as part of a civil case against then PSNI chief constable George Hamilton and the Ministry of Defence.

The LVF was established in 1996 after notorious loyalist Billy Wright was expelled from the UVF.

Mark 'Swinger' Fulton
Mark 'Swinger' Fulton Mark 'Swinger' Fulton

The key suspects named included Wright’s close friend Mark ‘Swinger’ Fulton.

He is thought to have taken his own life Maghaberry Prison in 2002.

Another Portadown-based loyalist, Muriel Gibson, was also named in court papers.

She received an eight-year sentence in 2007 for LVF membership and destroying evidence following the murder of 28-year-old Catholic man Adrian Lamph in Portadown in 1998.

Laurence ‘Duffer’ Kincaid
Laurence ‘Duffer’ Kincaid Laurence ‘Duffer’ Kincaid

Half-brothers, who share the same name, Laurence ‘Duffer’ Kincaid and Laurence ‘Larry’ Kincaid were also named as suspects while another loyalist, Roy Stewart, was also identified.

Mid-Ulster loyalist Jim Fulton, a brother of Swinger Fulton, was also referred to in court documents, although he was not listed as a suspect.

He was convicted in 2007 for his part in the murder of Elizabeth O’Neill (59) in Portadown in 1999 and a range of other LVF linked charges.

At the time, legal documents claimed the gun used to kill Mr Brown had also been used in several other murders in the Mid-Ulster area.