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EasyJet passenger left crying with ‘physical pain and embarrassment’ after bag incident

Roy Lynn had what was supposed to be a “fantastic” weekend ruined by his airport experience

EasyJet said it reduced its losses in the final three months of 2023 despite suffering a £40m hit from the Hamas-Israel conflict
An easyJet plane EasyJet have apologised for the customers experience and offered a "gesture of goodwill" towards Mr Lynn (David Parry/PA)

An easyJet passenger is “still in agony” after falling over because he was forced to unpack his luggage at the boarding gate.

Former civil servant Roy Lynn, who lives in Bangor, said his trip to visit family in Liverpool following his retirement went from what was supposed to be a “fantastic” weekend to “one of the most traumatic experiences of my life”.

Mr Lynn was returning from Manchester Airport to Belfast International Airport when he arrived for the 5.50pm flight on Monday, January 29.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: “I am still in agony as a direct result of what happened and my pharmacist has had to up the dosage of medical cannabis I take.”

Mr Lynn was forced to retire from his job due to a workplace injury which left him reliant on crutches.

Just before boarding of his flight was going to commence, Mr Lynn was asked about the size of his bag and asked to unpack it, and was also asked to remove his coat before boarding.

He has complained to the airline following the incident, claiming that he was discriminated against when he was “needlessly challenged” about his bag.

“I travelled with this bag for many years and know that even if full, it still wouldn’t exceed the specified dimensions,” he said.

“This individual decided to stand back and watch me seriously struggle to carry out this task without any help or assistance - only then to tell me he wasn’t going to check the size of the bag after all.”

Whilst carrying out this task, Mr Lynn was crouched over in a lot of pain and was “visibly struggling” to repack the bag.

He grabbed the baggage frame in an attempt to steady himself as he was falling over after doing this task for the easyJet staff, who he claimed failed to offer to help him.

He said: “I was then on the floor in considerable pain and discomfort.

“I couldn’t get up from the floor unassisted and it would have been obvious to all. I then had a panic attack due to my PTSD.”

Special assistance was called and a wheelchair came for Mr Lynn, who said that his emotions got the better of him and he cried through the physical pain and embarrassment of the ordeal.

According to a disappointed Mr Lynn, the flight itself added to the discomfort and bad experience as there was turbulence and a rough landing when the plane landed in Belfast.

An easyJet spokesperson said that the company is “incredibly sorry” for Mr Lynn’s experience, which is currently being investigated.

They said: “This is not the level of care we expect for our customers.

“We have been in touch with Mr Lynn to offer our sincere apologies, ensure his wellbeing and to provide a gesture of goodwill for this experience.”

Mr Lynn appreciated the airline’s apology however said easyJet “must go further” following his experience.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” he said. “Some people just need an extra bit of consideration.”