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Dublin Airport robots to take the strain out of your luggage

Four robots are being trialled in Terminal 1 to help passengers with luggage

One of the four new robots being trialled at Dublin Airport.
One of the four new robots being trialled at Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport is employing new robots to assist passengers with carrying luggage to their departure gates.

The four autonomous robots are now being trialled by the airport’s Innovation Hub team, and will move independently around Terminal 1, where they can be utilised by passengers who require assistance.

The machines contain space to carry up to two cabin bags and additional belongings, and can guide travellers directly to their gate.

The robots, which are individually named Bilbot Baggins, K2DC, Sir Bot-a-lot, and Handler Bing, are currently sticking to the airport’s Terminal 1 for the duration of the trial period, and will direct passengers to gates 102 -119.

It is expected the robots will be used throughout the rest of the airport following the trial period.

Currently, only passengers who are members of organisations that have applied to trial the robots can use them, but all other passengers will be able to use them in Terminal 1 from next month.

It is hoped disabled passengers will benefit most from their use.

Passengers wishing to access a robot will be able to do so by using a touchscreen display in Terminal 1 and waiting for the next available one to arrive.

The passenger then tells the robot which gate they wish to go to, and they can load their luggage inside and follow it to the gate.

A Dublin Airport spokesperson said: “Providing passengers with options to minimise stressors on their journey through our airport is at the core of this trial.

“We engaged with over 20 organisations working with people with non-visible disabilities and asked what they found most challenging about their airport experience. As passengers, they want to travel with the same autonomy, dignity, comfort and security that any other passengers without an additional need can.”