Northern Ireland

Armagh Observatory finds 2023 to be warmest year on record

Armagh Observatory director Professor Michael Burton.
Armagh Observatory director Professor Michael Burton.

Data collected at Armagh Observatory has found 2023 to be the warmest year on record.

The historic facility, which is led by director Professor Michael Burton, recorded the calendar year to be both sunnier and wetter than average, with December seeing above average temperatures.

The mean average temperature for 2023 was 11.1 C, making it the warmest recorded by the observatory since records began in 1795.

For warmest year, 2023 is followed by 2022, 2007 2021, 2006 and 1949.

Last month saw a mean temperature of approximately 7.3 C, making it the warmest December recorded at the observatory for eight years, and the 10th warmest since records began.

The average December temperature recorded in Armagh between 1796 and 2020 was 4.64 C.

A spokesperson for Armagh Observatory said: “That temperature records are now being made with increasing frequency is a strong signature of a changing climate.”

They added: “Calendar year 2023 was noteworthy not just because of its exceptionally high mean temperature and total rainfall, but also owing to an exceptionally wet March, October, autumn and early winter, and the dates of its warmest days.”