Northern Ireland

Election results: Derry and Strabane

Eamonn McCann waits to be elected for People Before Profit during the Derry and Strabane election count on Saturday. Picture by Margaret McLaughlin
Eamonn McCann waits to be elected for People Before Profit during the Derry and Strabane election count on Saturday. Picture by Margaret McLaughlin


SEATS (change since 2014):

SDLP 11 (+1), SF 11 (-5), DUP 7 (-1), UUP 2 (-), All 2 (+2), PBP 2 (+2), Aontú 1 (+1), Ind 4 (-)

Turnout: 57 per cent

BALLYARNETT (Quota: 1,368)

Angela Dobbins (SDLP) 1,392

Brian Tierney (SDLP) 1,235

Rory Farrell (SDLP) 1,170

Anne McCloskey (Aontú) 1,032

Sandra Duffy (SF) 899

Aileen Mellon (SF) 848

Nuala Crilly (PBP) 826

Caoimhe McKnight (SF) 656

Warren Robinson (Ind) 639

Neil McLaughlin (SF) 538

Danny McCloskey (All) 340


Angela Dobbins (SDLP) 1st count

Brian Tierney (SDLP) 4th count

Sandra Duffy (SF) 6th count

Rory Farrell (SDLP) 6th count

Anne McCloskey (Aontú) 6th count

Aileen Mellon (SF) 6th count


DERG (Quota: 1,335)

Derek Hussey (UUP) 1,267

Keith Kerrigan (DUP) 1,090

Ruairi McHugh (SF) 1,086

Kieran McGuire (SF) 1,075

Cara Hunter (SDLP) 1,032

Maolíosa McHugh (SF) 798

Thomas Kerrigan (DUP) 771

Andy Patton (Ind) 735

Anne Murray (All) 150


Derek Hussey (UUP) 3rd count

Keith Kerrigan (DUP) 3rd count

Cara Hunter (SDLP) 5th count

Kieran McGuire (SF) 5th count

Ruairi McHugh (SF) 5th count

FAUGHAN (Quota: 1,191)

Graham Warke (DUP) 1,050

Ryan McCready (DUP) 940

Paul Fleming (SF) 854

Rachel Ferguson (All) 783

Paul T Hughes (Ind) 733

William Jamieson (UUP) 710

Brenda Stevenson (SDLP) 693

Jim McKeever (SDLP) 565

Gus Hastings (SDLP) 491

Conor Heaney (SF) 324


Ryan McCready (DUP) 4th count

Graham Warke (DUP) 4th count

Rachel Ferguson (All) 7th count

Paul Fleming (SF) 7th count

Jim McKeever (SDLP) 7th count


FOYLESIDE (Quota: 1,227)

Mary Durkan (SDLP) 1,231

Shauna Cusack (SDLP) 1,129

Shaun Harkin (PBP) 977

Michael Cooper (SF) 888

Sean Carr (Ind) 822

Lilian Seenoi-Barr (SDLP) 721

Hayleigh Fleming (SF) 632

Eric McGinley (SF) 653

John Doherty (All) 305


Mary Durkan (SDLP) 1st count

Shauna Cusack (SDLP) 3rd count

Shaun Harkin (PBB) 4th count

Sean Carr (Ind) 6th count

Michael Cooper (SF) 6th count

MOOR (Quota: 1,292)

Gary Donnelly (Ind) 1,374

John Boyle (SDLP) 1,082

Eamon McCann (PBP) 1,035

Patricia Logue (SF) 778

Tina Burke (SF) 738

Kevin Campbell (SF) 712

Cathy Breslin (SDLP) 669

Sharon Duddy (SF) 594

Emmet Doyle (Ind) 496

Niree McMorris (DUP) 148

Colm Cavanagh (All) 122


Gary Donnelly (Ind) 1st count

Eamon McCann (PBP) 5th count

Tina Burke (SF) 6th count

John Boyle (SDLP) 6th count

Patricia Logue (SF) 6th count

SPERRIN (Quota: 1,364)

Allan Bresland (DUP) 1,156

Michaela Boyle (SF) 1,153

Paul 'Gags' Gallagher (Ind) 1,106

Raymond Barr (Ind) 920

Maurice Devenney (DUP) 899

Jason Barr (SDLP) 832

Edward Stevens (SDLP) 794

Dan Kelly (SF) 756

Cathal Ó hOisíin (SF) 740

Brian McMahon (SF) 731

Patsy Kelly (Ind) 595

Andy McKane (UUP) 530

Scott Moore (All) 437

Pauline McHenry (Ind) 128

Corey French (Ind) 104


Alan Bresland (DUP) 4th count

Michaela Boyle (SF) 8th count

Dan Kelly (SF) 8th count

Jason Barr (SDLP) 9th count

Raymond Barr (Ind) 9th count

Maurice Devenney (DUP) 9th count

Paul 'Gags' Gallagher (Ind) 9th count

WATERSIDE (Quota: 1,245)

Darren Ross Guy (UUP) 1,589

Sinéad McLaughlin (SDLP) 1,483

Hillary McClintock (DUP) 1,250

Martin Reilly (SDLP) 939

David Ramsey (DUP) 839

Christopher Jackson (SF) 825

Drew Thompson (DUP) 780

Maeve O’Neill (PbP) 752

Philip McKinney (All) 715


Darren Guy (UUP) 1st count

Hillary McClintock (DUP) 1st count

Sinead McLaughlin (SDLP) 1st count

Martin Reilly (SDLP) 5th count

Christopher Jackson (SF) 7th count

Philip McKinney (All) 8th count

David Ramsey (DUP) 8th count