Local Election 2019

Mid and East Antrim - DUP relaxed despite playing second fiddle

Ballymena's Seven Towers roundabout. Picture by Cliff Donaldson

DESPITE failing to top the poll in the first three wards to be announced, the DUP will be relaxed with their performance in Mid and East Antrim.

Its candidates had to play second fiddle to the Alliance Party, first in Carrick Castle and then in Coast Road.

Indeed Carrickfergus will welcome a new councillor in Lauren Gray, who polled a strong 1,210 to put the disappointment of her failed by-election run behind her.

She joined party veteran Geraldine Mulvenna who was the most popular candidate further up the Coast Road.

Meanwhile in Bannside, TUV running mates Stewart McDonald and Timothy Gaston were celebrating after they both smashed the quota by 350 and 279 vote respectively.

The prospect of such a victory for the two popular councillors was a strong enough likelihood to secure the attendance at the count of party leader Jim Allister from an early stage.

Council elections 2019: full results

However, ruthless vote management could actually see the low key DUP contingent seize an additional seat from the TUV in Coast Road.

Despite this, they will regret giving their bete noir Mr Allister the opportunity to declare that their erstwhile Bannside stronghold now firmly in his party's hands.

Regret it not least because of the TUV is something of a cul de sac when it comes to transfers, with little harvested from the McDonald and Gaston surpluses.

With three DUP candidates returned in the first round – Billy Ashe and Cheryl Johnston in Carrick Castle and Andrew Clarke in Coast Road – it was a tedious trickle for the rest of the gains to come in.

For the UUP it was a sweaty wait for its first return, with sitting councillor Robin Stewart not secure in Carrick Castle DEA until the second stage of the fourth count.

He was joined a short time later by William McNeilly on Bannside’s fourth count, and Maureen Morrow on Coast Road’s fourth attempt.

Sinn Féin had earlier returned James McKeown to Coast Road to muted celebration in the counting hall, following the elimination of independent nationalist Martin Wilson.


Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

DUP 15 (-1), UUP 7 (-2), All 7 (+4), TUV 5 (-), SF 2 (-1), SDLP 1 (-), Ind 3 (+1), Ukip 0 (-1)

Turnout: 48 per cent


Ballymena (7 seats, Quota 870)

James Henry (Ind) 872

Eugene Reid (SDLP) 848

Matthew Armstrong (TUV) 765

Patricia O'Lynn (All) 578

John Carson (DUP) 527

Patrice Hardy (SF) 521

Reuben Glover (DUP) 498

Audrey Wales (DUP) 491

Stephen Nicholl (UUP) 485

Rodney Quigley (Ind) 433

William Logan (DUP) 402

Philip Gordon (TUV) 286

Rab Picken (Ukip) 143

Conal Stewart (Ind) 107


James Henry (Ind) 1st count
Eugene Reid (SDLP) 2nd count
Matthew Armstrong (TUV) 3rd count
Patricia O'Lynn (All) 6th count
John Carson (DUP) 8th count
Audrey Wales (DUP) 8th count
Rodney Quigley (Ind) 8th count


Bannside (6 seats)

BANNSIDE (Quota: 1,154)

Stewart McDonald (TUV) 1,504

Timothy Gaston (TUV) 1,433

Ian Friary (SF) 971

William Robert McNeilly (UUP) 784

Philip Burnside (All) 750

Andrew Hugh Wright (DUP) 749

Thomas Gordon (DUP) 744

Tommy Nicholl (DUP) 690

Jackson Bolton Minford (UUP) 449


Stewart McDonald (TUV) 1st count
Timothy Gaston (TUV) 1st count
William McNeilly (UUP) 4th count
Thomas Gordon (DUP) 6th count
Tommy Nicholl (DUP) 6th count
Ian Friary (SF) 8th count


BRAID (Quota: 1,106)

Robin Cherry (UUP) 1,084

Beth Adger (DUP) 975

Julie Frew (DUP) 926

Christopher Jamieson (TUV) 902

Brian Collins (TUV) 872

William McCaughey (DUP) 825

Keith Turner (UUP) 800

Murial Burnside (All) 703

Collette McAllister (SF) 631

Sam Hanna (DUP) 605

Marian Maguire (Ind) 371

Roni Browne (Ind) 146


Robin Cherry (UUP) 2nd count
Beth Adger (DUP) 3rd count
Julie Frew (DUP) 6th count
Muriel Burnside (All) 6th count
Christopher Jamieson (TUV) 7th count
Brian Collins (TUV) 7th count
William McCaughey (DUP) 7th count


Carrick Castle (5 seats, Quota 943)

Lauren Gray (All) 1,210

Billy Ashe (DUP) 1,069

Cheryl Johnston (DUP) 953

Robin Stewart (UUP) 813

John McDermott (UUP) 445

Noel Jordan (Ind) 431

Si Harvey (Democrats and Veterans) 265

Nicholas Wady (Ind) 244

John McCaw (PUP) 119

John Kennedy (Ukip) 104


Lauren Gray (All) 1st count
Billy Ashe (DUP) 1st count
Cheryl Johnston (DUP) 1st count
Robin Stewart (UUP) 5th count
John McDermott (UUP) 7th count


Coast Road (5 seats, Quota 937)

Geraldine Mulvenna (All) 1,214

Andrew Clarke (DUP) 973

James McKeown (SF) 873

Angela Smyth (DUP) 764

Maureen Morrow (UUP) 728

Ruth Wilson (TUV) 601

Martin Wilson (Independent) 460


Geraldine Mulvenna (Alliance) 1st count
Andrew Clarke (DUP) 1st count
James McKeown (SF) 4th count
Maureen Morrow (UUP) 4th count
Angela Smyth (DUP) 5th count


Knockagh (5 seats, Quota 951)

Noel Williams (All) 1,173

Peter Johnston (DUP) 967

Marc Collins (DUP) 846

Bobby Hadden (Ind) 798

Andrew Wilson (UUP) 782

Lindsay Millar (UUP) 624

May Beattie (TUV) 328

David Barnett (DUP) 185


Noel Williams (All) 1st count
Peter Johnston (DUP) 1st count
Marc Collins (DUP) 3rd count
Bobby Hadden (Ind) 3rd count
Andrew Wilson (UUP) 4th count


Larne Lough (5 seats, Quota 998)

Gregg McKeen (DUP) 1,166

Danny Donnelly (All) 1,057

Mark McKinty (UUP) 983

Paul Reid (DUP) 806

Robert Logan (All) 719

Andy Wilson (UUP) 564

James Strange (TUV) 435

Robert Robinson (Green) 256


Gregg McKeen (DUP) 1st count
Danny Donnelly (All) 1st count
Mark McKinty (UUP) 3rd count
Paul Reid (DUP) 4th count
Robert Logan (All) 6th count



Mid Ulster District Council

40 seats

Change since 2014:

SF 17 (-1), DUP 9 (+1), UUP (-1), SDLP 6 (-), Ind 2 (+1)

Turnout: 60 per cent


Clogher Valley (6 seats, Quota 1,300)

Frances Burton (DUP) 1,891

Sharon McAleer (SDLP) 1,635

Sean McGuigan (SF) 1,494

Phelim Gildernew (SF) 1,352

Wilis Robinson (DUP) 1,083

Meta Graham (UUP) 990

Robert Mulligan (UUP) 650


Frances Burton (DUP) 1st count
Sharon McAleer (SDLP) 1st count
Sean McGuigan (SF) 1st count
Phelim Gildernew (SF) 1st count
Wilis Robinson (DUP) 2nd count
Meta Graham (UUP) 4th count


Magherafelt (5 seats, Quota 1,216)

Darren Totten (SF) 1,665

Wesley Brown (DUP) 1,218

Paul McLean (DUP) 1,213

Christine McFlynn (SDLP) 1,206

Sean Clarke (SF) 1,058

George Shiels (UUP) 996

Kevin Donnelly (Aontú) 214


Darren Totten (SF) 1st count
Christine McFlynn (SDLP) 2nd count
Sean Clarke (SF) 3rd count
Wesley Brown (DUP) 5th count
Paul McLean (DUP) 5th count


Dungannon (6 seats, Quota 1,185)

Clement Cuthbertson (DUP) 1,833

Barry Monteith (Ind) 1,414

Dominic Molloy (SF) 995

Kim Ashton (DUP) 807

Deirdre Varsani (SF) 718

Denise Mullen (SDLP) 710

Walter Cuddy (UUP) 607

Kim McNeill (UUP) 434

Mel Boyle (All) 431

Niall Bowen (Ind) 345


Clement Cuthbertson (DUP) 1st count
Barry Monteith (Ind) 1st count
Kim Ashton (DUP) 2nd count
Dominic Molloy (SF) 6th count
Walter Cuddy (UUP) 7th count
Denise Mullen (SDLP) 8th count


Cookstown (7 seats, Quota 1,156)

Cathal Mallaghan (SF) 1,710

John McNamee (SF) 1,369

Kerri Hughes (SDLP) 1,339

Wilbert Buchanan (DUP) 1,225

Trevor Wilson (UUP) 1,041

Gavin Bell (SF) 840

Mark Glasgow (UUP) 793

Grace Neville (DUP) 694

Alan Day (TUV) 230


Cathal Mallaghan (SF) 1st count
John McNamee (SF) 1st count
Kerri Hughes (DUP) 1st count
Wilbert Buchanan (DUP) 1st count
Gavin Bell (SF) 2nd count
Trevor Wilson (UUP) 5th count
Mark Glasgow (UUP) 6th count


Moyola (5 seats, Quota 1,313)

Ian Milne (SF) 1,710

Anne Forde (DUP) 1,619

Catherine Elattar (SF) 1,388

Denise Johnston (SDLP) 920

Derek McKinney (UUP) 906

Donal McPeake (SF) 906

Aidan Bradley (All) 298

Hugh Scullion (Workers Party) 95


Ian Milne (SF) 1st count
Anne Forde (DUP) 1st count
Catherine Elattar (SF) 1st count
Donal McPeake (SF) 3rd count
Derek McKinney (UUP) 4th count


Carntogher (5 seats, Quota 1,325)

Brian McGuigan (SF) 1,406

Kyle Black (DUP) 1,228

Sean McPeake (SF) 1,164

Martin Kearney (SDLP) 1,071

Cora Groogan (SF) 990

Paul Henry (SF) 763

Pádraigin Ui Raifeartaigh (Aontú) 632

Christopher Reid (UUP) 555

James Armour (Ind) 138


Brian McGuigan (SF) 1st count
Kyle Black (DUP) 4th count
Martin Kearney (SDLP) 5th count
Sean McPeake (SF) 6th count
Cora Groogan (SF) 6th count


Torrent (6 seats, Quota 1,300)

Malachy Quinn (SDLP) 1,631

Dan Kerr (Ind) 1,525

Ronan McGinley (SF) 1,173

Robert Colvin (UUP) 1,018

Niamh Doris (SF) 1,002

Joe O’Neill (SF) 994

Ian McCrea (DUP) 899

Mickey Gillespie (SF) 856


Malachy Quinn (SDLP) 1st count
Dan Kerr (Ind) 1st count
Robert Colvin (UUP) 4th count
Niamh Doris (SF) 6th count
Joe O’Neill (SF) 6th count
Ronan McGinley (SF) 6th count



Newry, Mourne and Down District Council

41 seats

Change since 2014:

SF 16 (+2), SDLP 11 (-3), UUP 4 (+1), DUP 3 (-1), All 2 (-), Ind 5 (+2), Ukip 0 (-1)


Crotlieve (6 seats, Quota 1,641)

Jarlath Tinnelly (Ind)1,412

Gerry O'Hare (SF) 1,286

Mark Gibbons (Ind) 1,189

Declan McAteer (SDLP) 1,175

Karen McKevitt (SDLP) 1,116

Mickey Ruane (SF) 812

Oksana McMahon (SF) 809

Michael Carr (SDLP) 808

Jim Boylan (Ind) 788

Joshua Lowry (UUP) 712

Mary Tinnelly (Ind) 519

Lorcan McGreevy (All) 483

Wilma McCullough (DUP) 371


Jarlath Tinnelly (Ind) 5th count
Gerry O’Hare (SF) 6th count
Mark Gibbons (Ind) 9th count
Declan McAteer (SDLP) 9th count
Karen McKevitt (SDLP) 9th count
Mickey Ruane (SF) 9th count


Downpatrick (5 seats, Quota 1,232)

Gareth Sharvin (SDLP) 1,395

Cadogan Enright (Ind) 1,052

Oonagh Hanlon (SF) 1,032

Dermot Curran (SDLP) 940

Jordan Madden (SF) 833

John Trainor (SDLP) 664

Macartan Digney (Aontú) 475

Tiernan Laird (All) 375

Alex Burgess (UUP) 345

James Savage (DUP) 149

Jamie Kennedy (Green) 128


Gareth Sharvin (SDLP) 1st count
Cadogan Enright (Ind) 5th count
Dermot Curran (SDLP) 6th count
Oonagh Hanlon (SF) 7th count
John Trainor (SDLP) 7th count


Newry (6 seats, Quota 1,415)

Gavin Malone (Ind) 2,296

Liz Kimmins (SF) 1,374

Michael Savage (SDLP) 1,231

Charlie Casey (SF) 1,230

Valerie Harte (SF) 1,045

Gary John Strokes (SDLP) 878

Sarah Jane McAllister (SF) 784

Helena Young (All) 721

Ricky McGaffin (UUP) 341


Gavin Malone (Ind) 1st count
Liz Kimmins (SF) 2nd count
Michael Savage (SDLP) 2nd count
Charlie Casey (SF) 2nd count
Valerie Harte (SF) 5th count
Gary John Stokes (SDLP) 6th count


Rowallane (5 seats, Quota 1,295)

Patrick Brown (All) 1,416

Harry Harvey (DUP) 1,265

Terry Andrews (SDLP) 1,211

William Walker (DUP) 985

Robert Burgess (UUP) 842

Walter Lyons (UUP) 667

Marianne Cleary (SF) 622

Martyn Todd (Ind) 477

Emma Cairns (Green) 182

Liam Mulhern (Aontú) 99


Patrick Brown (All) 1st count
Terry Andrews (SDLP) 2nd count
Harry Harvey (DUP) 4th count
William Walker (DUP) 6th count
Robert Burgess (UUP) 6th count


Slieve Croob (5 seats, Quota 1,364)

Alan Lewis (UUP) 1,303

Cathy Mason (SF) 1,069

Roisin Howell (SF) 1,035

John Rice (SF) 884

Hugh Gallagher (SDLP) 880

Maynard Hanna (DUP) 868

Gregory Bain (All) 863

Mark Murnin (SDLP) 796

Tracy Harkin (Aontú) 481


Alan Lewis (UUP) 3rd count
Cathy Mason (SF) 5th count
Roisin Howell (SF) 5th count
Hugh Gallagher (SDLP) 6th count
Gregory Bain (All) 6th count


Slieve Gullion (7 seats, Quota 1,566)

Terry Hearty (SF) 1,876

Mickey Larkin (SF) 1,646

Pete Byrne (SDLP) 1,643

Oonagh Magennis (SF) 1,622

Roisin Mulgrew (SF) 1,362

Barra O Muiri (SF) 1,351

David Taylor (UUP) 1,287

Kate Loughran (SDLP) 1,059

Balazs Gazdag (All) 361

Linda Henry (DUP) 315


Terry Hearty (SF) 1st count
Mickey Larkin (SF) 1st count
Pete Byrne (SDLP) 1st count
Oonagh Magennis (SF) 1st count
Barra O Muiri (SF) 2nd count
David Samuel Taylor (UUP) 3rd count
Roisin Mulgrew (SF) 4th count


The Mournes (7 seats, Quota 1,514)

Glyn Hanna (DUP) 1,944

Sean Doran (SF) 1,885

Laura Devlin (SDLP) 1,572

Harold McKee (UUP) 1,455

Henry Reilly (Ind) 1,447

Willie Clarke (SF) 1,154

Leanne McEvoy (SF) 1,097

Andrew McMurray (All) 943

Brian Quinn (SDLP) 607


Glyn Hanna (DUP) 1st count
Sean Doran (SF) 1st count
Laura Devlin (SDLP) 1st count
Harold McKee (UUP) 2nd count
Henry Reilly (Ind) 2nd count
Willie Clarke (SF) 7th count
Leeanne McEvoy (SF) 7th count

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