Former Irish Ambassador to the US to address New Ireland event in Belfast

The event will take place at 1pm in Belfast’s Linen Hall Library on the June 11

Ireland's ambassador to Britain Dan Mulhall
Former Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall

A ‘New Ireland’ could play a role in global relations, aiding reconciliation, cultural integration and leadership, a conference will hear.

Former Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall will give his insights into the campaign to build ‘a new Ireland’ following similar events including a conversation with former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

The New Ireland Commission CEO Conor Houston said it is a ‘crucial opportunity’ to discuss our shared future with someone of the experience of Ambassador Mulhall.

“His contribution to the debate will be invaluable and I look forward to hearing his views, informed by a lifetime in diplomatic service,” said Mr Houston.

“There is a huge opportunity in both the north returning to the European Union via a New Ireland and renewing our representation on the world stage and it’s important that we hear from those with an important contribution to make.”

Daniel Mulhull
A New Ireland on the world stage will take place at Belfast's Linen Hall Library

Former Ambassador Mulhall said throughout his carer he has seen how relationships between nations are built and how old wounds can be healed through the work of reconciliation.

“I have given much thought to the topic of reconciliation ever since my involvement with the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation in 1994/5,” he said.

“I am keen to contribute the fruits of my international experience to the building of a New Ireland in Europe, one which takes the views of every community into consideration and puts priority on the strengthening of relationships across the island.”

The event will take place at 1pm in Belfast’s Linen Hall Library on the June 11.