From kitchen table to multi million-pound brand - all for your furry friends

New-look Naturo range is unveiled by Mackle Petfoods

Mackle Petfoods
Izzy the Hovawort inspecting Mackle Petfoods Naturo range, which has just rebranded

Mackle Petfoods in Armagh has invested in a reinvigoration of its award-winning Naturo Natural Petfood range, also adding 12 new products to its current range for cats and dogs, increasing it from 45 to 57.

Created at the kitchen table of owner John Mackle in 2010, Naturo provides 100% natural food to pets, using high-quality ingredients and providing healthy diets for cats and dogs alike.

Naturo is currently the number one natural wet dog food brand in retail, sold worldwide across grocery and pet trade and generating £30 million annually across e-commerce and retail.

The rebrand was made across the whole Naturo product range, trays, cans and pouches, and includes the addition of new food products catering for kittens to senior cats, and puppies to senior dogs.

The rebrand promotes the natural ingredients and benefits pets and their owners, who want the best for their companion animals.

The Naturo range focuses on foods for pets with sensitive guts and allergies, with recipes created by its in-house nutrition team which contain no artificial flavouring, colours, or additives, and have 100% traceability from farm to bowl.

New ranges include Naturo puppy 400g trays for larger breed puppies, and Naturo 150g & 100g pouches for dogs.

In addition, new recipes for kittens, senior and indoor sterilised cats have been created to help improve cat health through all stages of life.

Eva Rooney, Naturo brand marketing manager with Mackle Petfoods, said: “This Naturo brand refresh focuses on the benefits and nutritional value of the product range, placing pets and their owners at the heart of our brand. It also reflects the excellence across all ranges, and alongside new recipes, the most important thing is the same excellent quality products remain for pets to enjoy.

“Working with our in-house nutrition team, we have refreshed some recipes to build on the already excellent Naturo products, reflecting our ongoing relationship with pet owners who, like us, want the best for their pets.”

The rebranded Naturo creative and product range is now being rolled out to customers and suppliers across UK and Ireland, and is available across Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Supervalu.