Belfast pizzerias renamed after trademark issue emerges

New name a ‘dough’ brainer said Pizza Crew owner Ciaran

pizzeria chain changes name
Ciaran Kelly, the man behind Pizza Crew, celebrates the launch of the new name with some of the crew from his stores

Entrepreneur Ciaran Kelly has been forced to rename his chain of Belfast pizzerias after running into a trademark issue.

He revealed that all three of his stores will now be called Pizza Crew, following a significant investment which has safeguarded more than 40 jobs.

His group was previously known as Pizza Guyz.

But when a trademark issue was raised with him, Ciaran could not reach a resolution so decided to invest in a different name.

“There’s an element of fate in all this,” Ciaran said.

“The name change was taken out of my hands, and rather than waste money on legal fees, I decided to invest it back into the business and my people.

“I have installed new signage, created a bespoke app, I now have a specially made mobile truck, new uniforms, menus and boxes, and I have given our delivery vehicles a Pizza Crew makeover.”

Ciaran, who has been making pizzas from the age of 17, has been a consistent employer in north, south and west Belfast since opening his first store in 2017.

Today the chain operates from pizzerias on the Antrim Road, Ormeau Road and Anderstonstown Road.

He added: “We had special covers made for all three of our store fronts, which were removed at the same time on June 3, so that all of our customers could see the new name together.

“We have invested a significant amount in introducing the Pizza Crew ( to Northern Ireland and we’re excited for the next chapter.”