Former Derry City footballer reveals severed finger too damaged to repair

Footballer, Kevin McHugh's severed finger.
Footballer, Kevin McHugh's severed finger.

FORMER Derry City player, Kevin McHugh has revealed a horrific injury to his finger is so bad that it can never be repaired properly.

Now captain of Finn Harps, Mr McHugh severed his finger on Wednesday night when his wedding ring caught on a fence.

Despite his injuries, the Donegal man managed to drive himself to Letterkenny hospital.

A graphic picture of his injuries which Mr McHugh posted on Twitter was picked up by sports publications around the world.

Mr McHugh was rushed from Letterkenny University Hospital to Galway. However, despite emergency surgery on the finger on Thursday, he has confirmed that little could be done to save the limb.

The former Derry City favourite managed to retain his good humour, tweeting: “Op over. Unfortunately finger too badly damaged to repair properly. Thanks for all ur messages, can’t reply to all. Esp with 1 hand! #Moveon”

Kevin McHugh tweeted a "selfie" from Galway hospital.
Kevin McHugh tweeted a "selfie" from Galway hospital.

In a later post on Twitter, he joked that he might yet line out for Harps this weekend.

Mr McHugh posted: “few ibrufon and a good ould warm up should do the trick lad.”