Threats to 'informers' posted in loyalist estate

Sinister posters threatening anyone who works with police have appeared in north Antrim

SINISTER posters threatening informers they "would pay the ultimate price" have appeared in a number of loyalist estates across north Antrim.

The threat is being linked to the UDA and state that "there will only be one outcome" for anyone who works with police in the area.

It follows claims from community representatives in the area that the intelligence services have been using "aggressive" tactics in trying to recruit informers.

A number of people have made complaints to the Police Ombudsman.

A spokesman for the loyalist North Antrim Unite Community Branch group said they were considering legal action in relation to some of the approaches.

The police watchdog has investigated one of the complaints and found that no breach of conduct was committed by the officers responsible.

"These approaches have the potential to get the people spoken to in serious bother from elements from within their own community.

"Look at the way groups have dealt with so-called informers in the past", the spokesman for the North Antrim Unite group said.

And while condemning the threatening posters that have appeared in phone boxes and other public places the spokesman said "he was not surprised".

"We've been warning for sometime about the danger these constant approaches are putting people in", he added.

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