Kate’s fashion show and Charles’ wedding to Camilla will steal new Crown series

Meg Bellamy portraying the Princess of Wales in The Crown (Netflix/PA)
Meg Bellamy portraying the Princess of Wales in The Crown (Netflix/PA)

The depiction of Kate Middleton’s university fashion show and Charles’ wedding to Camilla are “beautiful moments” in the final instalment of The Crown, actor Ed McVey said.

The British star plays a young Prince William in the series, set for release on December 14, coming to terms with his mother Diana’s death and amid increased female attention, he develops a crush on Kate at St Andrew’s University.

McVey said the scene where William and Harry step out onto the balcony during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee was a “big tipping point” and will be an “interesting event” for viewers to watch – while also handpicking Kate’s catwalk scene as a showstopper.

The Crown
Actor Ed McVey as Prince William from part two of the final season of The Crown (Netflix/PA)

“People are going to love it, it looks amazing and obviously Meg (Bellamy) does an incredible job…that’s going to be an amazing moment,” he said about the moment often referred to as the one when William first became smitten with Kate.

Meg Bellamy, who plays Kate, said she was “a bit apprehensive” about portraying the scene to begin with.

“…Purely because it was the first time I had really felt like I was reliving a key event that I remembered seeing in the news, but on the day itself it was completely different to what I thought, it was amazing,” she said.

Bellamy said they had “Kylie Minogue blasting through the speakers” while the crowd cheered “at the top of their lungs” during filming.

“So it was a really liberating experience and it was so great for the self esteem and I had such fun,” the actress said.

“It was amazing and I was really nervous for it so that was a relief and it was one of my favourite days to film for sure.”

The Crown
The cast playing the role of the royal family from part two of the final season of The Crown (Netflix/PA)

Meanwhile, McVey said the depiction of Charles and Camilla’s 2005 wedding is another stand-out moment of the series.

“Camilla and Charles’ wedding ends on such a hopeful note and you really get to understand their love and how far they’ve come and how hard they’ve had to fight to get to where they are and it’s a really beautiful moment to end on,” he said.

Dominic West, who plays Charles in the last instalment, spoke about the level of detail which went into that scene.

“It was the wedding and it was the blessing of their wedding in St George’s Chapel, Windsor and we had the programme, which no one had seen on screen, this programme which was about 20 pages long of exactly what happened,” he said.

“I don’t know where they found it, where they got it from, of all the hymns, all the readings, everything that was at that thing and then I think there was a line wrong in one of the hymns and so someone had to put into 300 of these programmes, a page with the right hymn in it and we could have all just written it down, but when you get that level of detail and professionalism and perfection, really, you have to step up your game.”

Bellamy also spoke about the “insane” level of detail she noticed throughout the filming of the series.

“We did some university scenes and I looked in this vending machine and there were all the chocolate bars but they were re-branded to be of the time and the slight details like that is just fascinating.

“You could just spend a whole day looking through Kate’s bedroom and just looking at all the different history of art books.”