‘Fans have earned a break,’ says Whittaker on not joining Doctor Who anniversary

Jodie Whittaker played the 13th incarnation of the Doctor (Ian West/PA)
Jodie Whittaker played the 13th incarnation of the Doctor (Ian West/PA) Jodie Whittaker played the 13th incarnation of the Doctor (Ian West/PA)

Jodie Whittaker has said that “fans have earned a break” from her on Doctor Who as she explained why there will be no return of her in the role for a while.

The 41-year-old actress, who was the first woman to play the Time Lord on the BBC science fiction series, had been in the show up until last year.

New episodes on Saturday will see Scottish actor David Tennant return as the character before Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa appears as the 15th doctor over Christmas.

King Charles III coronation
King Charles III coronation Ncuti Gatwa who will arrive in Christmas episodes as the Doctor. (Ian West/PA)

Whittaker told Thursday’s BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour: “Do you know what what is so extraordinary is to be a tiny cog in such a big wheel.

“(It’s) an absolute joy, it’s my happiest time, my absolute happiness, of being a part of that show, that team and I’m just so excited for the next steps and to be an audience member which is without the responsibility.”

Whittaker also confirmed that she will not be doing any Doctor Who work as the 60th anniversary of the long-running show is celebrated.

She said: “This is not a some kind of like sneaky snakes. I am definitely not involved. This isn’t (going to) be that then I pop up somewhere. I’m definitely not.”

Whittaker added that she has made it “very public that I would definitely pop back at any point that I’m asked, I haven’t been asked”.

“I’ve only just left, give it a break… I think the fans have earned a break,” she also said.

Tennant previously returned during the 50th anniversary special called The Day Of The Doctor in 2013 when it was Matt Smith’s tenure along with several other previous incarnations of the Time Lord.

The 10th doctor between 2005 and 2010 had previously been played by Tennant.

Whittaker said there was “a lot of joy” when she was cast but also people saying she was not “qualified”.

Aside from being the first female Doctor as the 13th incarnation, her character also had two hearts and she played the role while pregnant.

She said: “So it was a beautiful transition. It was the end of something incredibly special and the beginning of something else.”