Simon Cowell’s latest car ‘inspired by James Bond’

Simon Cowell with his electric classic Mini (David Brown Automotive)
Simon Cowell with his electric classic Mini (David Brown Automotive)

TV star Simon Cowell has become one of the first owners of an electric reincarnation of the classic Mini.

Cowell is a well-known petrolhead – owning models from Bugatti, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari over the years – but is switching to electric power for his latest car.

Called the Mini eMastered, it is made by David Brown Automotive, which heavily customises the classic model and now fits it with a modern electric powertrain.

Cowell is one of the first to take delivery of the firm’s latest creation, with the celebrity’s version inspired by James Bond.

The exterior colour combination is inspired by a Lotus Esprit that appeared in the Bond film A View To A Kill.

Painted in a similar paint colour to the film car, the Mini also features “Turbo” branding and gold alloy wheels.

The classic Mini gets a range of modern touches, not least its electric powertrain (David Brown Automotive)

Cowell’s own Rolls-Royce Phantom provided the inspiration for the interior of the Mini, which comes with white leather upholstery and a walnut dashboard, he described it as a “Mini Rolls”.

The TV star originally owned the Remastered Mini with a petrol engine, but said it lacked the “go-kart feel”, so returned it to David Brown to have an electric powertrain fitted instead.

David Brown Automotive says the car has been “built from the ground up over the course of hundreds of hours”.

The Mini uses a small 96bhp electric motor, that allows for a top speed limited to 92mph, while a compact 18.8kWh battery allows for a predicted range of around 110 miles.

Speaking after taking delivery of the car, Cowell said: “This has always been my dream car. It was on my wish list, one day I wanted to have a classic Mini. Then I read about this company, and I thought, I’ve got to have one of these.

“Of all the cars I’ve had in my life, this is my favourite. This is a keeper. I’ve never really kept cars, I don’t have a collection. I’ve had a lot of cars but I’ve always sold them. This one I will always, always keep.”

No price has been given for Cowell’s particular car, but prices for the Mini eMastered by David Brown Automotive start from £125,000.