Sophie Morgan delighted to partner with ‘badass woman’ Reese Witherspoon

Television presenter Sophie Morgan has a new partnership with Reese Witherspoon (Jacob King/PA)
Television presenter Sophie Morgan has a new partnership with Reese Witherspoon (Jacob King/PA)

Loose Women panellist Sophie Morgan says Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon is a “badass woman” ahead of a new partnership with the Legally Blonde actress.

Disability rights advocate Morgan, 38, recently announced that Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine, which aims to empower women by telling their stories, would be collaborating with her Making Space Media, which amplifies voices in the disabled community.

Morgan told The Mirror she was excited to work with Witherspoon, adding she was a “badass woman doing important things”.

The Morning Show Photocall – London
Reese Witherspoon founded American media company Hello Sunshine (Ian West/PA)

“Reese is such a powerhouse and so well respected.

“Everything she and her company want to do is what we in the disabled community need – changing perspectives of disabled people.”

The TV presenter added: “Hello Sunshine’s mission is to centre women in storytelling and share untold stories, so when I had the opportunity to partner with them, I was, like, ‘Is this real?’

“I want to do everything I can to influence change for people like me. That’s my mission, and that speaks to what Reese and Hello Sunshine are about.

“In their office, there’s a picture saying, ‘Do epic shit’, and I was, like, ‘Hell yeah! That’s what I’m trying to do’.

“My mum says that before the car crash, I was always a rebel but without a cause. But now I have a cause and that gives me peace, even when I struggle with everything that comes with being paralysed.”

Morgan, who has also presented Crufts, the Paralympics, The One Show and Dispatches, sustained a T6 spinal cord injury in a road accident in 2003, leaving her paralysed from the chest down.

Earlier in the year, Morgan set up the Rights On Flights campaign with MP Marion Fellows after her wheelchair was damaged beyond use during a plane journey.

In June, the Government announced proposals that would boost protections for airline passengers and said, following growing reports of disabled passengers having their wheelchairs damaged, new measures would mean they can get full and fair compensation on UK domestic flights.