Nintendo reveals more details about Mario Kart: Home Circuit

The new game uses augmented reality to bring Mario Kart to life in a user’s home.
The new game uses augmented reality to bring Mario Kart to life in a user’s home. The new game uses augmented reality to bring Mario Kart to life in a user’s home.

The next Mario Kart game will see players race real remote control cars around their home as they take part in virtual kart racing thanks to augmented reality technology.

First announced last month, Mario Kart: Home Circuit will see players take part in familiar Mario Kart races on their Nintendo Switch console, but the track and surroundings will also be placed in the real world.

In a new trailer released to give more details on the game, Nintendo said using a physical kart that responds to actions in the game helps players bridge the gap between their living room and the virtual world of Mario Kart.

The game, which will be released on October 16, comes with either a Mario or Luigi kart in the box as well as four cardboard gates, which are used to plot a race track around the home by driving the physical kart through them.

The physical kart uses its built-in camera to plot the track, with users able to add in any extra corners by steering the kart as they wish.

The camera also uses augmented reality to then overlay the virtual elements of Mario Kart races on to the view of the physical room, including hazards and other in-race items, creating the impression a Mario Kart Grand Prix is taking place around the user’s feet.

In-game elements such as mushrooms, shells and sandstorms will also have an effect on the physical kart as well as the one in-game, Nintendo says.

Up to four players can race against each other if they have their own copy of the game and their own Switch console.

Mario Kart: Home Circuit
Mario Kart: Home Circuit The game combines classic virtual Mario Kart with physical toy kart racing (Nintendo/PA)

The Home Circuit set, which includes one kart, the four gates needed to build the track, arrow markers and a charging cable for the kart will cost £100.

The new game is the latest announcement to come during the 35th anniversary celebrations for the Super Mario Bros franchise, which remains one of the most well known and popular in the video game industry.

Improvements in augmented reality technology in recent years have seen a number of apps and games begin to use the technology to power new experiences for users.

Away from video games, several apps now allow users to virtually try out furniture and paint colours via their smartphone camera.