Sony has revived its robotic dog, Aibo

The £1,300 robot will go on sale next year.
The £1,300 robot will go on sale next year.

Sony has revived its robot dog Aibo, more than a decade after the robotic pet last appeared.

The new Aibo is capable of forming an “emotional bond” with owners according to Sony, and is incredibly agile thanks to design flexibility that enables it to move along 22 axes.

Aibo’s eyes are two OLED panels used to convey a range of emotions, and the robot is set to go on sale in Japan in January.

Sony says this new version of Aibo contains a “natural curiosity” and will actively seek out its owners in order to interact with them.

The robot can then detect words of praise as well as respond to smiles and physical interaction, such as head scratches and back pats. The sensors in the dog also enable it to learn its environment through a range of in-built sensors and fish-eye cameras that can map its surroundings.


Sony are also creating an accessory for Aibo – its very own toy bone called Aibone – that the robot can also interact and play with.

For now though, Sony is only planning a release in Japan for 198,000 Japanese Yen, which is around £1,300, so global robot lovers will have to wait.