This bathroom in Korea has a digital map to show you which stalls are occupied

A real advancement in toilet technology.
A real advancement in toilet technology.

Your trip to the loo has just had a technological upgrade. A post on Reddit has revealed a bathroom in Korea with has a digital map showing you which stalls are taken and which are free for you to venture into.

Rather than going all the way to the toilet door to check the lock, all you need to do now is look at a wall…a stroke of genius?


…or just a bit of an unnecessary accessory?

One reddit user isn’t so sure, responding with: “I would settle for a simple ‘occupied/unoccupied’ placard that activates when the door is locked, instead of having to push on doors or awkwardly look for a free stall like some sort of godless barbarian.”

This advance in toilet technology clearly hasn’t stretched very far yet, as another said: “We are lucky if the locks even work…”